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Your AMAG brake service

Brakes in perfect working order are a must when it comes to your safety. Which is why it’s so important to have your brakes checked regularly and to use the braking system with care. We will happily give you advice at your AMAG garage and ensure that you get the best brake service.


Full braking power for safe driving

Brakes are worn away whenever they’re used. Regular checks are the best life insurance policy.

Ueli Setz

Brakes expert at your AMAG

What does a brake service comprise?

Visual check of the braking system
including brake fluid, brake hoses and brake lines
Checking the brake pads
and brake discs
Checking the braking power
on the brake tester

Interpreting the warning lights correctly – should I continue driving?

Malfunction of the braking system

General malfunction of the braking system or brake fluid at too low a level. It’s best not to continue driving but to contact an AMAG garage near you.

Braking system or ABS malfunction

The braking system has malfunctioned, and you can only brake without ABS. Please see your AMAG garage immediately.

Brake pad wear indicator

The front brake pads are worn away. You should have all brake pads checked and if necessary replaced at your AMAG garage.

Do you have any other questions?

Contact your AMAG garage directly online – we’ll be glad to help you.


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Expert advice

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Brakes: we have the answers to your questions

If your brakes squeak, there isn’t always a problem. Brakes sometimes squeak even though they’re working perfectly well. Disc brakes are more prone to squeaking than drum brakes. Often, the reason for the unpleasant noise is brake dust on the brake disc or poorly fitted brake discs. To rule out any problem, you should still have your brakes checked by your AMAG garage.

Worn-away brake pads are a significant safety risk, which is why you should have your brakes checked regularly. If you hear a grinding noise when the brake is lightly applied, this is often a sign of worn-away pads. A low level of brake fluid is another indicator – the brake piston has probably shifted closer to the brake disc due to the reduced thickness of the pad. Deep grooves on the brake discs are often caused by embedded small stones. They mean that the brake discs need to be replaced.

To ensure your safety, the brake fluid should be changed as required. At AMAG, we’re happy to take care of everything – from advice in choosing the right brake fluid and thorough flushing of the braking system to professional ventilation and environmentally friendly disposal of the old brake fluid.

With hydraulic braking systems, air bubbles in the lines can greatly impair braking performance. This means that, whenever brake fluid is changed or topped up, the braking system needs to be professionally ventilated.

It’s best to have a brake service carried out by trained specialists – ultimately, it’s about your safety. Though there are many illustrated instructions and videos on the internet about changing brake pads, brake blocks and brake discs, we advise you to have your car’s brake system checked and serviced by a professional. Take advantage of your AMAG garage’s favourable terms for spare parts.

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