Tyre service: from tyre changes and purchases to storage


The best tyre and wheel service for you

Car tyres are your vehicle’s vital connection to the road. With our professional tyre service, we at AMAG ensure that your tyres and wheels are always in the best possible condition.

Safely on the road in the warm season

Summer tyres

Safely on the road in the warm season

Tyres and rims – compatible with the season and your car

Complete wheels

Tyres and rims – compatible with the season and your car

Best grip even in difficult conditions

Winter tyres

Best grip even in difficult conditions

The 24-month tyre warranty is included free of charge when you buy tyres or complete wheels from us.

The tyre warranty

The 24-month tyre warranty is included free of charge when you buy tyres or complete wheels from us. 

Store tyres and wheels conveniently at AMAG

Wheel hotel

Store tyres and wheels conveniently at AMAG


Seasonal change – tyre change

Whenever the temperatures change, it’s also time to change tyres. The rule of thumb is: from Easter to October. Whether you decide ‘only’ to change your tyres or to change your wheels at the same time depends on various factors. We will happily advise you and always give you individual advice.


Car tyres – your ultimate connection with the road

Your tyres absolutely must be in good condition for your safety on the road – we’ll take care of this.

Ueli Setz

Service expert at your AMAG

When should I replace my tyres?

When the tread is less than
3–4 mm
After 5–6 years
Equates to 15,000 km/year

You can tell the condition of your tyres by their tread

Suitable for driving

Tread > 5 mm

Time to change your tyres

Tread 3–4 mm

Legal minimum

Tread depth 1.6 mm


Make sure you’ve got the right tread

Every vehicle needs its own type of tyres. And each season needs the right tread. It’s especially in winter that the right tyres are a decisive safety factor. Our garages offer you the optimal tyres for every season and all weather conditions.

Have your tyre pressure checked regularly. This is because, when tyre pressure is too low or too high, it can lead to your tyres wearing out unevenly and having to be replaced more quickly. Even at a pressure that is 20% too low, the lifetime of your car tyres is reduced by around 20%.

Changing tyres is a matter for your specialist workshop. Screws often need to be retightened – if this doesn’t happen, you expose yourself to an unnecessary safety risk that can easily be avoided. Our service experts ensure that your tyres always ‘sit’ perfectly and that you have optimal grip in all weathers.

The special rubber compound means, for example, that summer tyres adhere to the road in high temperatures better than winter tyres. They wear out less, and fuel consumption is also reduced as a result of improved driving performance. It is therefore more economical to fit the right tyres than not bothering to change your tyres.

In this case, an AMAG service employee will check your steering geometry and investigate other possible causes.

In both cases, the tyre in question needs to be replaced.

Wheels are tyres and rims. Tyres are fitted to the existing rims.

Do you have any other questions?

Get in touch with a contact person at your AMAG garage.

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