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Our most popular electric models

Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Škoda, CUPRA and VW Commercial Vehicles offer a wide portfolio of electrified models, including fully electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. A runabout for the city, an SUV or a commercial vehicle: we have exactly what you’re looking for in our range of electric cars.



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AMAG 2-in-1 charging/credit card

Charge & pay on the go

Charge & pay on the go

The first combined charging and credit card* on the Swiss market. Also available as a charging-only card.
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Charles Nguela E-Auto

«At the wheel like a jet pilot»

Comedy-Star Charles Nguela on his switch to electric cars

The future is electric. The charging infrastructure is constantly improving and the range of e-cars is also increasing.

Andreas P.

Mobility expert at your AMAG

The benefits of e-mobility for you

High energy efficiency
Consume less and go further
Fewer emissions
Emissions are also significantly cut with hybrid vehicles
Reduced consumption and tax benefits
Electric cars

Putting common misconceptions to the test

Electromobility is undeniably on its way and picking up speed with each passing day. The shift from cars with conventional combustion engines to electric vehicles (BEV) would proceed even faster if certain misconceptions were not so stubbornly lodged in the public imagination. We clear up the most common ones here.

Interesting facts about e-mobility

How long it takes for the battery of an electric car to be charged depends on various factors such as the ambient temperature or even remote-controlled air conditioning. Other crucial factors are the charging capacity of the station or socket, the capacity of the battery and the charging technology of the electric car. However, charging at a public charging station takes two to four hours on average.

Instead of the classic combustion engine, electric engines generate their power through electromagnetism, which does not make any noise. This is particularly noticeable – or not – at low speeds, which is why caution is imperative in the city, as pedestrians often rely on their ears.

The fuel consumption of a hybrid vehicle depends crucially on the environment in which it is driven. You can save a lot in the city. Here you can consume between 20 and 40% less fuel than vehicles with combustion engines. On long distances the savings are reduced accordingly.

Step into the future – at your AMAG


Volkswagen’s electric cars

The ID. and e-up! Volkswagen’s models offer everything you can expect from electric cars. Efficient and locally emission-free. Mobility for a better and cleaner future.

Audi’s electric cars

Since the introduction of the e-tron in 2018, Audi has been systematically moving into an electric future. With the second e-tron model, the e-tron Sportback, Audi is systematically continuing along this path – without in the least neglecting driving pleasure and dynamics.

SEAT’s electric cars

With the Mii electric, SEAT has started a real electric car revolution. Compact, fast, 100% electric and 100% affordable. Emission-free urban e-mobility and great fun. Discover the Mii electric models directly online or at your AMAG garage.

CUPRA's electric cars

CUPRA confirmed the arrival of a model that will change the dynamic perception of electrically powered vehicles. CUPRA’s first all-electric vehicle is born, the CUPRA Born.

Škoda's electric cars

Škoda makes e-mobility Simply Clever. The emission-free Škoda Enyaq iV inspires with a completely new drive concept. Long range. A fully electric SUV. Dynamic & spacious.

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