Comedy star Charles Nguela on switching to an electric car: ‘Sometimes I feel like a jet pilot at the controls!’

Comedian Charles Nguela explains why he has not regretted switching to electromobility for a second – and why any charging worries quickly disappeared.


He braved the switch: Charles Nguela (33) has been driving electric since 2021 – and cannot imagine going back. ‘I never realised driving an electric car could be so much fun,’ the comedian enthusiastically explains. A desire to ensure more environmentally friendly travel while touring tipped the scales in favour of switching from a combustion engine to a BEV (battery electric vehicle). ‘Thanks to my partnership with AMAG, I opted for a Škoda Enyaq iV 80x. And it was the best option for me: the model is high-performance, efficient, environmentally friendly and inexpensive.’

This positive viewpoint is one that the comedian shares with virtually all electric-car newbies: a recent survey in Germany showed that a solid 98 percent would buy an electric car again. The main reasons given by respondents for their change were driving experience (81 percent), environmental reasons (80 percent), cost aspects (78 percent) and the innovative technology (77 percent). It does not take most people long to get used to their new drive – and the same goes for Charles Nguela. ‘I learned how the Enyaq works very quickly,’ he notes. The SUV is comfortable and sporty, and the head-up display has a very futuristic look. ‘Sometimes I feel like a jet pilot at the controls!’


No noise, better acceleration

But there were still a few things to get used to – such as the lack of engine noise or the fact that electric cars do not have a gear lever. ‘But you quickly forget all of that once you realise that you get a response as soon as you step on the accelerator,’ says Nguela explaining about electric cars’ rapid acceleration.



He admits that before buying, he was worried about charging. ‘I wondered where I would be able to plug it in around where I live, and what I would do if the nearest charging point were a long way a way.’ However, searching online quickly lessened these reservations. ‘I discovered that there are plenty of charging stations in Switzerland,’ he adds. ‘In fact, more than you might think.’


No issues with range or city driving

The comedian now has his own wall-mounted charge point, which he uses to charge his car at home on cheaper electricity. With such a good supply of energy, range is also no longer an issue for this frequent driver. The Škoda Enyaq has a range of 532 kilometres according to the WLTP, meaning that it can get from his house in the Zurich region to every stop on his current ‘R.E.S.P.E.C.T.’ tour on a single charge with no issues – whether Biel, Basel or Arosa. ‘I have to say, I was astounded how far you can drive, especially in the summer,’ Nguela enthuses. ‘And when it starts getting colder, you can warm the battery up before getting in the car. This allows me to cover longer distances. I have even driven as far as Ticino without any issues.’

The entertainer also gives his electric car top marks for inner-city driving. ‘In the city, my electric car literally shines,’ he notes. ‘This is where vehicles use the most power, due to the stop-and-start traffic. However, the recuperation system in an electric car means that you get a large proportion of this back, unlike in a fuel-powered car.’


Charles’ charging tips



Always try to keep driving until the battery hits 20 percent, since it will then be warm and able to charge more quickly – ideally to 90 percent which takes 30 to 50 minutes.


Only charge the car to 100 percent if you are driving very long distances.


If you are on holiday, for example, and need to charge whilst out and about, check in advance where and when would be best to do it. It might take a bit of time, depending on the charging station.


An overview of the Škoda Enyaq iV


  • Performance: 150 kW = 204 PS 

  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h in 8.5 sec.

  • Range (WLTP) up to 532 km

  • Battery capacity: up to 82 kWh


Questions from all sides

Anyone listening to Charles Nguela will have realised that he is essentially an old hand when it comes to electromobility! The comic can easily answer the many and varied questions he receives about it. ‘People want to know how it feels, how far you can drive, or how long it takes to charge,’ he explains. His charging tips for newbies can be found in the box.

Nguela adds that most of his friends and acquaintances are very enthusiastic about his electric car. ‘They love the fact that the Enyaq basically looks like a normal car, just with slightly futuristic, sporty curves.’ The comedy star adds that anyone who asks him about it gets an unreserved recommendation to switch to an electric car. ‘Particularly people who use their car a lot, especially in the city. People living nearby will love not having to breathe in the exhaust fumes! And if you want your wallet to thank you, you should give it a try,’ he notes, highlighting that an electric car has lower overall costs in the long term.

Charles Nguela will soon be back at the wheel of his Škoda Enyaq and heading off to performances, next stopping in Winterthur, Frauenfeld and Lucerne – cities where he can fully focus on his shows and charge up on site, thanks to the car’s range.


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