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Service and repair – always to manufacturer’s specifications at AMAG

Services for your Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Škoda or VW Commercial Vehicle are carried out at your AMAG professionally and in accordance with the guidelines of the manufacturer in question. Our garages are equipped with modern, specially developed devices and tools. Our professionals are also continuously trained and retrained – so they’re always at the cutting edge of technology.


This is why car service is so important

A regular service for your vehicle is as important as your annual medical check-up. And you also save money in the long run.

Ueli Setz

Service expert at your AMAG

How do I benefit from a regular service at AMAG?

Warranty maintenance
During the warranty period a regular car service is required so that the warranty claim does not expire
Cost savings
Avoidance of unnecessary wear and damage, higher resale value

What does a car service at AMAG include?

Outdoor, engine and underbody

Safety check


Check, oil change (if due)

Brakes and shock absorbers

Check and measurement on the test bench (if required)


Function check and adjustment

Body, chassis, suspension

Safety check

Mechanics, transmission, engine, exhaust system

Safety check


The right preparation for the motor vehicle check

Good preparation of your vehicle for the periodic inspection is vital. Our MFK preparation is the guarantee that your vehicle will pass the inspection. We check your vehicle thoroughly for its MFK suitability. If defects are found, we’ll provide you with a cost estimate and discuss it with you.


What’s to be done when the MFK summons has come?

Arrange an appointment

Contact your AMAG garage right away.

MFK preparation

We check your vehicle and rectify the relevant defects after consultation.

MFK inspection

On request, we will be happy to take over the presentation at the road traffic office.

Do you have any questions on the MFK inspection? We have the right answers

For passenger cars: the first check is due five years after initial registration. The second check takes place three years later. Then every two years. For vehicles older than ten years, the cantons differ in the way they proceed. In some cantons, vehicles are tested if the last official inspection was more than a year earlier. In other cantons, inspections are still carried out every two years.

A change of owner has no effect on the due date of the next inspection. Periodic inspection continues to take place at the usual intervals. At the owner’s request, however, each vehicle can also be inspected outside the prescribed intervals

If defects are found during the MFK inspection, you will receive an inspection report on which the defects are listed. You then have 30 days to rectify the defects and go to another inspection. In some cantons, it is possible for the garage to rectify minor defects, note this on the test report and return it to the relevant test centre – without the vehicle being presented again.

Other cantons insist on a new presentation even with minor defects. You can find out which rule applies in your canton of residence from your AMAG garage or the responsible road traffic office. In any case it’s advisable, before the MFK, to have your vehicle examined for defects at your AMAG garage, enabling you to avoid later inspections.

After tuning, you must make your vehicle available for a motor vehicle check without being asked, otherwise there is no legal release for your car. If you are checked without release, you risk substantial fines.

Do you have any other questions?

Make direct contact with an expert in your AMAG garage. We’ll be glad to help you.

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