Get everywhere easily thanks to the Winter Check PLUS

Winter Check PLUS

It's better to drive with a secure feeling. This is the feeling we are happy to give you on the way with our service. 

Winter-Check PLUS incl. starter battery guarantee for CHF 59.-


(including indicator lights, heating, fan, air conditioning)

Engine compartment

(including battery, engine oil level)

Car subpage

(including exhaust, brakes, chassis)


(including tread depth, air pressure)


(including headlights, rockfall, windscreen, wiper blades)

With the comprehensive Winter-Check PLUS you are doubly covered. If your vehicle does not start despite a successfully completed Winter-Check PLUS, you will receive a new starter battery free of charge. you will receive a new starter battery free of charge.*

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* If the Winter Check PLUS incl. battery test is successfully completed, a temporary component warranty is granted on the starter battery until 28.2.2023. starter battery until 28.2.2023. The warranty conditions can be viewed at

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