Recalls by car manufacturers – AMAG will continue to assist you


Your car is affected by a recall – what does this mean?

Recalls by car manufacturers mean that repairs are necessary after a series has been delivered. The necessary measures vary greatly – sometimes it’s just a matter of a software update. Contact your AMAG garage – we will gladly advise you and carry out the necessary measures.


Recalls by car manufacturers – what you need to know

A recall is always irritating, but the fault is usually fixed quickly – and then your vehicle is better than before.

Ueli Setz

Service expert at your AMAG

Do I always have to comply with a recall?

Mandatory recall
If there is a serious product defect, you will have to bring the vehicle into one of the manufacturer’s authorised workshop for repair or rectification. This also ensures your safety.
Service campaign
Defects that do not endanger safety can lead to a voluntary recall by the manufacturer. We advise you to have the faults rectified anyway – these measures are free of charge for you.

This is how a recall works

Notification by post

You are informed that your vehicle is affected by a recall.

Arrange an appointment at AMAG

Please enter the number of the recall measure online in the ‘Comments’ field.

Workshop visit

We carry out the necessary repairs as quickly as possible.

Recalls by car manufacturers

Recalls by car manufacturers

The repairs after a recall by the manufacturer are usually free of charge for you.

If, for example, you find out about a recall in the press but have not received anything in the post from the manufacturer, feel free to get in touch with your AMAG garage. We will check whether your car is affected.

The reason for a recall is always a defect that was not known at the time of delivery. So it unfortunately can happen that, after buying a car, it turns out that your car needs to go back to the workshop for repair. This may concern the software or safety-related issues such as airbags, seatbelt buckles, etc. As the highest priority for car manufacturers is the safety of their customers, affected vehicles must be recalled in such cases. It may also be that the defect is not safety-related – in the case of such a service recall you can decide for yourself whether you wish to have the defect repaired free of charge.

Even in the case of voluntary recall campaigns, we advise you to have the repairs carried out – otherwise the resale value of your vehicle may fall. Furthermore, defects that may be tolerated for a while may also increase the risk of accidents, for example if you’re distracted by the defects while driving.

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