All-round protection on all roads.

With Volkswagen VersicherungsService car insurance, you benefit not only from comprehensive insurance cover on all Volkswagen models, but also from exclusive product advantages.

Exclusive benefits for VW drivers

Put together your own insurance coverage from a range of attractive solutions and supplementary insurance options. Individual, flexible, just the way you want it.

In the event of a claim, costs and service are what matter

Reduced deductible

if the repair is carried out by an official Volkswagen partner, reduction of 500.- for collision insurance and 200.- for partially comprehensive insurance.

100% value as new compensation

in the first two years of using the vehicle in the event of write-off or theft.

Loyalty bonus of CHF 1,000.-

In the event of write-off or theft of your vehicle, we will waive the deductible in the collision insurance up to an amount of CHF 1,000.- if you buy a vehicle again from an official Volkswagen partner.

Other attractive advantages

  • Innovative solution: By abolishing the bonus level system, there is no bonus increase after an accident.
  • After three years of accident-free driving, the deductible for liability insurance and collision insurance is reduced by CHF 500.-, and by another CHF 500.- after a further three accident-free years.
  • All glass vehicle parts are insured (including LED and xenon).
  • Also insurable are electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and navigation devices, etc., that are transported in the vehicle if these are stolen from the locked vehicle (‘Items transported in the vehicle’).
  • We will get you mobile again immediately if your car is damaged or stolen: with the optionally selectable cover Extended Breakdown Assistance CH/FL or Europe with replacement vehicle.
  • Gross negligence protection is also insured.
  • Flexible one-year policies.

VW car insurance

An overview of your benefits

Third-party liability insurance (mandatory)

Third-party liability insurance covers insured persons up to CHF 100 million per event. Property damage and personal injury caused to others by your car are insured. At the same time, it protects you against unwarranted claims by others and pays justified claims.

Comprehensive insurance (partial comprehensive and collision coverage)

Collision coverage

Collision coverage covers damage to your car caused by the sudden, violent impact of external force, meaning in particular damage as a result of crash, collision, roll-over, falling or sinking. This also applies to damage that follows from operating, breakage or wear-and-tear damages. Damages caused by wilful acts of third parties and twisting of the vehicle when overturning, loading and unloading – excluding without external impact – are also covered.

Partial comprehensive coverage

With partial comprehensive coverage, your car is insured against theft, fire, weather-related damage (storm, hail, flooding, rockfall, chips, landslide, avalanche, snowslide, falling ice, snow pressure, crashing airplane or parts thereof), glass breakage, collision with animals and vandalism (including slashing of the convertible top). Damage caused by martens and vehicle contents up to CHF 5000.– are insured under partial comprehensive coverage upon request.

Accident insurance

Zurich pays benefits in the event of death, disability, and temporary inability to work, as well as daily benefits during a hospital stay. It covers treatment costs for up to five years after the accident date. It also covers you and your family when travelling in someone else’s car.

Supplementary insurance
Parking damage/Parking damage PLUS

If your parked car is damaged by an unknown person or vehicle, two claims per year are insured up to CHF 1000.–. With parking damage PLUS, the insured coverage is unlimited.

Supplementary insurance
Expanded breakdown assistance with replacement vehicle

Volkswagen Totalmobil! mobility insurance is included free for every new vehicle imported by AMAG Import Ltd up to the first required service check and then is extended with every service check at the official Volkswagen partner. Expanded breakdown assistance for CH/FL or Europe, which includes a replacement vehicle, is optionally available as a supplement to the Volkswagen Totalmobil! mobility insurance.


The CH/FL benefits of up to CHF 1000.– cover on-site assistance, towing costs, recovery costs, costs for continued travel with public transportation on location or the costs of a replacement vehicle. Breakdown assistance Europe offers an expanded scope of coverage and return of the vehicle from abroad.

Additional insurance
No-claims bonus

Choose the no-claims bonus, and we will refund 10% of your paid premiums after three years without a claim.

VW car insurance

Are you interested in Volkswagen car insurance?

The insurance carrier of Volkswagen VersicherungsService is Zürich Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG.



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