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Ready to start at any time with your AMAG car battery service

Problems with the starter battery are the No 1 cause of breakdowns, and that’s not just in winter. So that you can be sure that your vehicle is always ready to start, we at AMAG recommend a regular car battery service.


Get off to a good start – our battery service for you

Short drives and stop-and-go compromise cold-start performance. Play it safe and have your car battery checked at AMAG free of charge.

Ueli Setz

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Going easy on your car battery – what you should avoid:

Many drives under 10 km
The battery does not get fully charged
Short winter drives
Seat heating, demisters, etc., also have an impact on the battery
Stop-and-go traffic
and stops at traffic lights with the engine left running

Would you like to book a battery check?

We will be happy to test your battery to prevent the dreaded starting problems. Contact your AMAG garage directly. We are happy to help.


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Problems starting? We have the answers to your questions

There may be various reasons for the car not starting. The voltage level of your starter battery can only be reliably checked with a voltmeter. It’s best to arrange an appointment for a battery check at an AMAG garage near you.

If the car battery isn’t recharging despite a sufficiently long drive, you may need to change it. If the battery is still relatively new or you’ve only recently recharged it, we advise you to arrange an appointment at your AMAG garage and to have the starter and generator checked.

To jump-start the car, use only the jump leads provided for this purpose. Turn off both engines. Connect the positive terminals of both batteries with the jump lead. Under no circumstances should you touch the body of the car since this may cause a short circuit. Then connect the black ground cable first to the negative terminal of the battery of the helper car and then to a metal part of the engine of the car with the flat battery (not to the negative terminal of the discharged battery). Then first start the helper car and then attempt to start the car with the flat battery. After successful jump start, disconnect the cables again in the reverse order.

In the case of modern vehicles with an automatic start-stop system, the engine cuts out a number of times during the drive, which places a greater strain on the battery. A conventional starter battery isn’t designed for this charge throughput, which is why a special battery is required. If the vehicle already has an AGM battery fitted, it should be replaced only by an AGM battery if the battery needs changing.

Do you have any other questions?

Contact your AMAG garage directly – we’ll be glad to help you.

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