Change to summer tyres – for the best grip when temperatures are high

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Our summer tyre offers for you

Warm, wet asphalt or hot concrete. Drive safely with the right summer tyres. At your AMAG garage, we ensure that you get the best deals and best quality in the warmest season. So that you are always safe on the road.



Tyre warranty

Tyre warranty

The 24-month tyre warranty is included free of charge when you buy tyres or complete wheels from us

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Wheel hotel

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Keep a cool head with summer tyres even in hot weather

The rule of thumb is: over 7°C, summer tyres usually have more grip on the road surface than winter tyres – time to change your tyres.

Marc Zumbach

Tyre expert at your AMAG

How do I benefit from summer tyres?

Lower fuel consumption
as a result of lower rolling resistance
Shorter braking distances
in higher temperatures

You can tell the condition of your tyres by their tread

Suitable for driving

Tread 4–8 mm

Time to change your tyres

Tread 2–3 mm

Legal minimum for driving

Tread 1.6 mm

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Summer tyres

Economical and safe

‘From Easter to October’ is the rule of thumb for changing from winter to summer tyres. This means when temperatures consistently climb above 7°C, it’s time to change your tyres.

Tyres are normally changed because the tread has become worn. But even if you don’t drive much, the life of summer tyres is not unlimited. At AMAG, we advise you to change summer tyres at least every five or six years. We recommend you check them regularly since, with time, rubber becomes brittle and tears or porous areas may appear.

Tyre pressure should be checked regularly on all tyres since even changes in temperature may affect the pressure. Optimal pressure depends on a number of factors: vehicle model, load and tyre model. Relevant details can be found in the vehicle’s manual, in the filler cap, in the driver’s door pillar and in the tyre manufacturer’s tyre pressure tables.

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