The AMAG fast-charging network

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High-performance charging stations for electric cars

Our aim is to install fast-charging stations for electric cars at a total of 13 central locations in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. A total of 52 charging points with a maximum output of 360 kW per charging station will be made available. As well as being open to the public, all these stations are in close proximity to busy transit routes and the motorway.

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One of the fastest car chargers in the world with an output of up to 360 kW. Additional 100 km range in less than 3 minutes.


Charging is particularly straightforward with the new AMAG customer app or the AMAG charging card, which can also be combined with a credit card function.


With the AMAG electrified charging card, you will be able to charge at preferential rates of CHF 0.54/kWh.

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ABB’s Terra 360, one of the fastest all-in-one chargers currently on the market, is being used at all locations. Terra 360 delivers high performance, flexibility and ease of use. Wherever possible, the energy is always supplied via a direct connection to the power grid; however, if the municipality’s grid infrastructure cannot cope, AMAG uses a “peakshaving” system, in which the electricity is stored in a battery in order to still enable the highest charging capacity.

AMAG fast-charging station at Oftringen by night
A car charging at the fast-charging station at the AMAG Used Cars Centre in Sihlbrugg

Climate and sustainability strategy

The expansion of the fast-charging network operated by AMAG Automobil und Motoren AG is one of the many cornerstones of the AMAG Group’s efforts to make the framework for electromobility as attractive as possible – in line with its climate and sustainability strategy. By 2025, the AMAG Group will also install around 1,000 more charging stations at its sites, of which 250 will be open to the public. In addition, the car parks operated by AMAG will, wherever possible, be partly converted into charging parks, where customers can rent parking spaces with charging stations for short or long periods. Currently, the Utoquai, Kongresshaus and Messe car parks in the city of Zurich can also be used as charging parks. The AMAG Group’s sustainability strategy also includes installing solar panels for photovoltaic (PV) systems on 75,000 square metres of the roofs on its own buildings by 2025.

AMAG net zero
Solar panels of a photovoltaic system

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