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To repair damage to Tesla bodywork, a technician must be factory-trained by Tesla. Special infrastructure is also required for handling aluminium parts and high-voltage vehicles. Last but not least, you also need the right special tools. Only selected workshops meet the high standards required. AMAG is the largest Tesla-certified partner in Switzerland.

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To ensure the warranty remains intact, we recommend having all repairs to Tesla bodywork carried out at a Tesla-Approved Body Shop.

Joel Schori

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Work on the Tesla body

The Tesla body structure: structural castings as well as extruded parts and punched plates made of aluminium are joined together using the latest welding and bonding technologies. This guarantees maximum safety – and means that repairs need a lot of expertise.
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Tesla vehicles have their own special body structure: structural castings, extruded parts and punched plates made of aluminium are joined together using special welding and bonding techniques. The result is a high-strength structure that offers maximum safety. To perform repairs on a Tesla body to original Tesla specifications, our bodywork technicians are factory trained by Tesla and must pass welding tests before receiving their certificate.

Specially trained technicians are not the only requirement for Tesla certification. The workshop also needs special infrastructure for handling aluminium and high-voltage vehicles. Only selected body shops meet the high standards needed to be a Tesla-approved body shop. AMAG is the largest Tesla certified partner in Switzerland.

A Tesla vehicle’s windscreen is much more complex than conventional windscreens: since Tesla vehicles are semi-autonomous vehicles, important components of the assistance systems are located in the windscreens. After windscreen repair or replacement, the systems are analysed and recalibrated by our Tesla-trained experts.

Maximum safety: to meet the original Tesla specifications, only original parts may be used. Only in this way can it be guaranteed that the vehicle is as safe again as before the accident. Only Tesla-certified body shops can order the spare parts. If structural work to the Tesla vehicle is not carried out in a Tesla-approved body shop, the vehicle loses all warranty claims.

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