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Interesting facts about pick-ups

The days when pick-ups were purely work vehicles and had a rather unadorned existence are over: The Amarok demonstrates perfect off-road capability on any terrain and has the widest loading area in its class. Its equipment packages also make it very versatile and, in addition to a lot of temperament on the road, it offers a striking design and top-class driving comfort.

Which pick-up you buy depends on your needs. For example, whether you choose the high-top version or a loading space cover and whether the loading space is to be coated or lined with aluminium depends on what you aim to use your pick-up for. We will gladly advise you by phone or in your AMAG garage when it comes to choosing your pick-up.

A pick-up is no longer just functional and robust: For example, the noble Amarok Dark Label is just as home on a gravel track as in the city. The premium model Amarok Aventura combines design accents with chrome elements and 20-inch light alloy wheels. The Amarok Canyon is perfect for adventures. To decide which version is right for you, it’s best to compare online.

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A pick-up was originally a car that was mainly used for business. This has changed in recent years and pick-ups have become a lifestyle matter. A pick-up should of course still meet all the requirements – especially for the job – but at the same time it should also be fun in private.

VW Commercial Vehicles pick-up

The VW Amarok is currently available in three different models with many different extras. Whether on construction sites or in the forest, off-road or on asphalt – the Amarok is a pick-up that uncompromisingly combines power and temperament. Click through our selection and find the Amarok that suits you best – whether new, stock or used vehicle.