autoSense: Your digital vehicle assistant

AMAG autoSense is your digital vehicle assistant. The autoSense ecosystem includes a variety of different services, which are conveniently combined in the app and can be freely selected and activated by our users according to their needs.

autoSense: your car in an app


autoSense – your car in an app

As soon as you link your car to the autoSense app, you can access smart services – whether electronic logbook, driving tips, locating your vehicle, error messages or directly arranging an appointment with your AMAG.

The top services from autoSense

Garage service

The garage service makes it quick and easy to book an appointment with your AMAG garage

Cashless refuelling

The autoSense app is an easy and cashless way to fill the tank


Let the app help you find parking nearby and use your phone to pay only for the actual time parked

Smartphone screen with autoSense service: garage service
Smartphone screen with autoSense service: Cashless refueling
Smartphone screen with autoSense service: Parking


Functions simply explained in a short video



Tailored to your needs

In addition to the factory features, you can add various services to autoSense. So the app becomes a direct line to your AMAG garage.

Ueli Setz

Service expert at your AMAG

Use data smartly: a few service examples

Vehicle diagnosis
Error codes are transmitted directly – so we can rectify them quickly.
Digital fuel card
Fill up and pay easily by app
Personalised services
Save costs, e.g., with pay-per-kilometre insurance

The features of autoSense

Car location

Whether parked up or on the road, autoSense can locate the vehicle at any given moment


autoSense saves each journey and makes manual logbook recording a thing of the past


autoSense helps drive more sustainably and reduces a car’s maintenance costs

Vehicle diagnostics

autoSense displays the vehicle’s condition and uses push notifications to send reminders to visit the garage in time


Analysis of overall driving behaviour

Fleet management

Specifically for business customers: fleet management, regardless of car make or vehicle type

Connected in traffic: we have the answers to all your autoSense questions

Data security is paramount with autoSense: two separate databases work in the background, with user and trip data stored separately and only merged in the app. The adapter itself does not save any data – and no commands can be sent to your vehicle via it. Depending on the service you choose, you yourself decide which data is shared with the partners in question. You have control over your data at all times.

Yes, this is possible without any problems. The logbook complies with tax requirements. You can mark your journeys as private or professional. On request, you can receive a monthly analysis by email.

Most vehicles with petrol engines from model year 2001 and with diesel engines from model year 2004 are compatible with autoSense. There are some special cases where data may not be fully available. When in doubt, contact your AMAG – we will gladly advise you.

You can currently obtain the autoSense adapter free of charge from your AMAG garage.

Otherwise there is a one-off charge of CHF 69 for the basic adapter and CHF 99 for the autoSense Plus adapter with WiFi hotspot including 3 GB. With the AMAG partner service you do not incur any monthly costs. Without the partner service, the user fees are CHF 5 per month. If you wish to use the mobile WiFi hotspot, you can buy data packets.

In addition to Switzerland, autoSense works in the following countries: Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, the Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, the United Kingdom, Guernsey, Ireland, Iceland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Vatican City, Cyprus.

As long as the adapter is installed, your car can be located. You will also receive a security alert if your vehicle has been towed or stolen.


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