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Volkswagen coupés

AMAG Coupé VW Arteon



Dynamic design – power at its heart.

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Audi sports cars and coupés

AMAG Coupé Audi R8



Power redefined. Sporty and extravagant.

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Bentley sports cars and coupés

AMAG Coupé Bentley Continental
Bentley Continental


Continental GT

Gran Turismo with luxurious equipment.

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Interesting facts about sports cars and coupés

Strictly speaking, a coupé is also always a saloon, but a special shape. Coupé comes from French and means ‘cut’. Coupés have a flatter cut – especially at the rear, which explains why there isn’t a second pair of doors. All told, coupés are sporty saloons whose focus is more on driving pleasure than on comfort.

Of course the purchase of a sports car or coupé is also a question of financing and your needs. When buying a sports car or coupé, the focus is often on the engine and design. At AMAG we offer you a wide range of new, used and stock vehicles – online or at your AMAG garage.

Sports cars are usually two-seaters with low overall height. Their focus is more on performance and less on driving comfort and suitability for everyday use. But there are huge differences between brands and models. While a true performance heart beats inside the Audi R8 and comfort plays second fiddle, the Bentley GT is a true comfort sports car. Sports cars are available as sports coupés and sports convertibles.

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Driving should be fun. Sports cars and coupés make slalom-like and straight roads even more fun.

Volkswagen coupés

The Arteon is a real masterpiece of design and function. This Volkswagen coupé combines the performance of a classic sports car with the elegance of a fastback. It offers an amazing amount of space and comfort without neglecting its sporty roots. Discover the Volkswagen offers at AMAG directly online – whether new vehicle, stock vehicle or used vehicle.

Audi sports cars and coupés

The Audi R8 is the symbol of a sports car and looks outrageously fast even when stationary. A genuine statement in any surroundings. As a coupé, the design icon TT is also convincing with an unmistakable exterior and its powerful engine. The A5 coupé is perfect for anyone who loves understatement. Discover the Audi offers at AMAG directly online – whether new vehicle, stock vehicle or used vehicle.

Bentley sports cars and coupés

The legend lives on: the new Continental GT revives the long history of the Gran Tourer. No vehicle shows Bentley’s love of detail more. Sporty, but with plenty of room for passengers and more comfort than you’d expect. Discover the Bentley offers at AMAG directly online – whether new vehicle, stock vehicle or used vehicle.

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