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With our rim repair service, kerb and corrosion damage is safe and cheap to fix.

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Does your wheel rim need to be repaired? 

We repair kerb and corrosion damage safely and cost-effectively. Contact your AMAG garage directly. We are happy to help.







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Travel safely with road-ready rims

More severe scratches and damage can lead to cracks in the rims. So it’s a good idea to have your rims checked by a professional.

Reto Gut

Director of the Bodywork Retail Business Unit

Benefits of rim repair

A repair is often less expensive than replacement
Good for the environment
Saves resources
Increases resale value
No depreciation

Contact with the kerb?

We have the answers to your rim repair questions

The condition of the rims is assessed based on strict specifications from the manufacturer to determine whether or not a repair is even permitted. 

Work on the material that goes deeper than 1 mm can have a significant impact on driving ability and safety.

With kerb damage, i.e. simple scratches in the coating, the rim can be polished. Afterwards, the rim is recoated so that the damage is no longer visible and corrosion does not occur at the damaged spot.

Rim repair is recommended not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to ensure safety.

Over time, scratches can lead to structural problems. In the worst case, they can turn into cracks that weaken the entire rim and therefore pose a safety risk. At that point, the only option is complete replacement of the rims, which is a costly prospect. Consistent rim repair, by contrast, is a way of keeping rims fit for longer use. 

If a repair is permitted according to the manufacturer’s specifications, the warranty remains intact.

Spot repair is used to repair small spot damages to the coating or paint on a rim. This has the advantage of limiting the repair to the smallest possible surface area without having to remove the tyre from the rim.

With fully coated rims, the rim is first repaired at the damaged spot (conventionally or on a CNC machine), cleaned, blasted in a special device and then recoated.

High-sheen rims are first measured with a laser on a CNC machine and then refinished. The coating is applied in special paint booths. This type of rim repair is highly professional and very precise.

  • Normal silver-coloured rims
  • Chrome silver or multicoloured coating
  • High-gloss rims
  • Custom CNC rims


Wheel sealant

The Wheel Coating System from Waxoyl, brake dust and street dirt no longer stick to the wheels. The coating acts as a protective cover for your wheels, which also makes them easier to clean after application. Wheel Coating System from waxoyl is perfectly suited for both alloy and chrome wheels. The effect lasts for a season until the next tyre change (approximately six months).

Wheel sealant

CHF 99.- incl. work

For this service we need the vehicle all day. You can therefore not wait for completion.


Measurement of the steering geometry

Safe driving thanks to correctly adjusted steering geometry.

How you benefit


Avoidance of premature wear on the tyres


Correct braking and steering behaviour


Lower fuel consumption

Measurement of the steering geometry

In the event of a deviation, the steering geometry must be adjusted against a separate calculation.


In a collision with the kerb, the energy is absorbed by the axle. These cases require visual inspection of the suspension for damage and steering geometry to determine the precise geometry and wheel alignment. This is an essential step for guaranteeing the safety of vehicle occupants and other traffic participants during future trips. 

Tyre warranty

Tyre warranty

The 24-month tyre warranty is included free of charge when you buy tyres or complete wheels from us

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Wheel hotel

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Rim repair

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