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A so-so driving experience?
Not with ABT Sportsline! ABT stands for the best in power upgrades and vehicle tuning.

With power upgrades, aerodynamic add-ons, sports chassis, wheels and exhaust systems for various models from VW, Audi, SEAT, Škoda, CUPRA and VW Commercial Vehicles, ABT has what it takes to thrill the heart of any car enthusiast.


Power upgrades

ABT Sportsline’s ABT Engine Control (AEC) add-on controller is the right tool for an ideal power upgrade that protects the engine. A major benefit is that the manufacturer’s warranty still applies.
ABT Sportsline


A broad selection of aerodynamic parts such as front lips, rear spoilers, carbon tailpipe trims and much more are the perfect way to showcase your vehicle.
ABT Sportsline

Wheel rims

The high stability and reduced weight make the high-quality ABT sports wheels ideal for the high-performance sector and perfectly round out the vehicle’s sporty look.
ABT Sportsline


The customised chassis products, such as suspension springs and sport anti-roll bars, ensure perfect roadholding and an ideal driving experience.
ABT Sportsline

Exhaust technology and sound

Getting your vehicle tuned at ABT Sportsline means enjoying it with all your senses. ABT’s exhaust technology ensures that you can really hear the power.
ABT Sportsline


The interior can be just as individual – ABT features like entrance lights, various carbon upgrades, custom leather trim and much more turn the interior of your vehicle into a real eye-catcher.
ABT Sportsline


About ABT Sportsline


ABT Sportsline is the world’s leading tuning provider for vehicles of the VW, Audi, SEAT, Škoda, CUPRA and VW Commercial Vehicles brands. For years now, ABT has also been very successful in a second segment: motorsports, with events such as DTM and Formula E. The Allgäu-based company uses this experience and its great expertise to create the perfect link between motorsports and special road vehicles in keeping with its motto “From the racetrack to the road”. Its subsidiary ABT e-Line stands for innovative solutions in the emerging electromobility market.



Interested in a power upgrade?

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In Switzerland, the legal limit for power upgrades is 20 percent. However, the modification must be reported to your cantonal driver and vehicle licensing office and entered in the vehicle registration. 

Warranty provisions

AMAG Automobil- und Motoren AG provides the buyer with a warranty for the ABT by AMAG performance upgrades and guarantees their faultlessness in accordance with the respective state of the art, provided that installation is carried out by an authorised brand service partner or an ABT support centre and that the ordering process and all entries are documented in full. The AMAG importer warranty (including the AMAG extended warranty) is guaranteed without limitation.

This warranty excludes any vehicle which at the time of tuning

•       is not covered by any warranty (including extended warranty).

In addition, this warranty excludes any vehicle which after tuning

•       is handled improperly (e.g. over-revving the engine)
•       is used on racetracks
•       is used with fuel of insufficient quality
•       is taken in for repairs or maintenance anywhere other than at an official brand service partner
•       is not taken in for regular maintenance as prescribed by the manufacturer or
•       displays consequential damage due to performance measurements.*

Repairs associated with performance upgrades are only to be made by official brand service partners. In the case of repairs carried out within the warranty period, it is imperative that AMAG Automobil- und Motoren AG, Group Aftersales / Service Warranty (DISS) is informed in advance by the brand service partner carrying out the repairs. In the case of any justified warranty claims, the affected parts will be repaired or replaced.

Repairs on vehicles with performance upgrades (ABT by AMAG) must be carried out during the warranty period (including the AMAG extended warranty) by an authorised brand service partner in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein.

The warranty and the vehicle are inextricable. The warranty card shall be deemed as confirmation and is a binding reference for the ABT by AMAG performance upgrades.

* Performance measurements are only recognised by AMAG Automobil- und Motoren AG when carried out at ABT Sportsline GmbH, Germany.

Depending on the vehicle, there are various performance levels available. All options feature the high-tech ABT Engine Control unit, which is specially designed to work with the engine and communicate with it intelligently.

  • Comparison of various parameters to deliver top performance while ensuring complete protection for the engine
  • The high-quality housing is waterproof and dustproof thanks to its Gore-Tex protective membrane
  • Extensively tested under real conditions
  • The quality of all our offers corresponds to the manufacturer’s level
  • When we talk about a vehicle’s performance, we are referring to the corrected power. This is the power that the engine transfers to the crankshaft.
  • Since measurement at the crankshaft of an engine which is installed in a vehicle is not practical, the engine power is generally measured on a dynamometer. Here, the wheel power is measured, that is, the power that the wheels transfer to the road.
  • Due to the friction from the transmission, drive shafts, differential and wheels, wheel power is always less than corrected power. In order to be able to quantify these losses, in addition to wheel power, the drag power of the drive train is measured on the dynamometer. In this case, the vehicle is measured in a declutched state. Since a performance upgrade has very little or no influence on the drag power, there should only be the tiniest deviation between the standard and the tuned vehicle.
  • Finally, the previously calculated result is adjusted by the standard correction factor, which is calculated depending on the standard (in accordance with EEC, DIN or ISO) from the ambient data such as temperature and air pressure.

The formula for the corrected power is as follows:

Corrected power = (wheel power + drag power) × standard correction factor

In principle, all dynamometer designs (e.g. twin roller versus single roller) should provide almost identical results. However, deviations in the implementation of performance measurements such as measuring period, ambient temperature, speed and much more can cause inconsistencies. Our engineers exclusively use a MAHA single roller dynamometer and the measurement procedure is always carried out in accordance with the defined standards.

However, performance measurement does not only depend on the type of measurement; the results are also influenced by other factors. Among other things, fuel also has an influence on engine performance. For spark-ignition engines with ABT performance upgrades, we recommend that premium fuel with the octane value specified in the data sheet (RON 98/AKI93 or RONZ 102/AKI 95) is always used. This not only gives the best power characteristics, but is also an important factor with regard to the longevity of the engine.
Similarly, operational performance also influences engine performance. At ABT, only run-in vehicles with mileage of over 3000 kilometres are tested.

Indicators of unreliable performance measurement are, among other things, drag power that is greater than 20 or 30 per cent (depending on dynamometer design) of the standard performance as well as slippage or correction figures that are greater than 5 per cent.

As the official tuner of vehicles from the VW Group, we fundamentally use measuring procedures that are recognised as standards for vehicle manufacturers. Our dynamometer is regularly serviced and calibrated by the manufacturer and is also TÜV-tested. Only by utilising reliable and qualified measurement methods are we able to continue to ensure to our customers that all of our products are not only TÜV-certified, but also guarantee a long durability.

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