Hey! Check me out

Room for two

Room for two adults and three cases of beer

Charge me like a smartphone

Fully charged in just four hours using a standard household power outlet

Easy to park

Park perpendicular to the kerb and take up one-third of a standard parking space

230 km

Maximum range

90 km/h

Maximum speed

513 kg

Unladen weight

Microlino Eco

Your chance

Microlino test drive at the AMAG Roadshow


The perfect mix of a motorcycle and a car

Microlino closes the gap between a scooter/motorcycle and a standard car. Its front-facing door and compact size allow it to be parked perpendicularly. This means you can fit three Microlinos in one standard parking space.




You can find me here

Fancy a test drive? We look forward to your visit to our showroom: you will find the Microlino at the following locations from 30 September 2022:

AMAG Autowelt Zurich

Giessenstrasse 4, 8600 Dübendorf

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Wankdorffeldstrasse 60, 3014 Bern

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AMAG Petit-Lancy

Chem. du Bac 21, 1213 Lancy

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Microlino FAQ

Have any questions?

What kind of number plate do I need? Can Microlinos park perpendicularly? You can find frequently asked questions and answers about Microlino here.
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Microlino Eco

Incredibly environmentally friendly

Calculate how much a Microlino can reduce your annual CO2 emissions