Winter tyres – safe driving on ice and snow

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Changing to winter tyres is almost a matter of course here in Switzerland. Apart from better driving performance, changing over is also a matter of safety. Not only is the tyre crucial in winter conditions but also the tread depth. At AMAG, we recommend a minimum tread of 4 mm.



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Safe driving at all times – with the right winter tyres

The rule of thumb is: from October it’s time to change to winter tyres. But that can vary depending on the weather. We will happily advise you if you’re not sure.

Marc Zumbach

Tyre expert at your AMAG

What are the benefits of your winter tyres?

Better road grip
in snow, slush and icy conditions
Shorter braking distances
in lower temperatures

You can tell the condition of your tyres by their tread

Suitable for driving

Tread 5–8 mm

Time to change your tyres

Tread 4–5 mm

Legal minimum

Tread 1.6 mm

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Winter tyres

Our answers to your questions on winter tyres

Winter tyres provide much better road grip on cold asphalt and in snowy and icy conditions.

Each season has its optimal tyres. As does winter. But it’s not just ice and snow that necessitate winter tyres. Even temperatures below 7°C make winter tyres the best solution.

Even a little body damage is often more expensive than changing to winter tyres. Especially when it comes to insurance cover, changing over in good time is more than advisable. We will happily advise you on the solution that’s optimal for you.

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