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All about the new VW ID.3

Strong performance. Fast charging One charge will cover - your travel to work, dropping the kids off at school on the way and coming home at night. Each of the three potential battery sizes for the ID.3 can handle this no problem.




Performance, design and everyday ranges

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As you can see: completely unseen. Less car. More ID. Shaping the ID.3’s futuristic look: the optional front Matrix LED headlights, the redesigned Volkswagen logo and the additional lightline leading to the logo from the sides. Futuristic from front to back – in perfect form.


So? How do you like the interior? The brand new look continues seamlessly in the interior. Futuristic, comfortable and convenient. All thanks to inviting seats, plenty of legroom, a design dispensing with a centre tunnel and a large touch display, as well as the ID.Light and adaptable ambient lighting.


To the ideal equipment


To the ideal equipment

Interesting facts about e-mobility

How long it takes for the battery of an electric car to be charged depends on various factors such as the ambient temperature or even remote-controlled air conditioning. Other crucial factors are the charging capacity of the station or socket, the capacity of the battery and the charging technology of the electric car. However, charging at a public charging station takes two to four hours on average.

Instead of the classic combustion engine, electric engines generate their power through electromagnetism, which does not make any noise. This is particularly noticeable – or not – at low speeds, which is why caution is imperative in the city, as pedestrians often rely on their ears.

The fuel consumption of a hybrid vehicle depends crucially on the environment in which it is driven. You can save a lot in the city. Here you can consume between 20 and 40% less fuel than vehicles with combustion engines. On long distances the savings are reduced accordingly.


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Independent and always up to date – with leasing

Always drive the latest model flexibly and with full cost control. The benefits of AMAG Leasing are obvious.

Patrick M.

Leasing expert at your AMAG

Leasing in three steps

You choose your preferred vehicle
We take care of the formalities
You drive away – nothing else
With LeasingPLUS you profit from this carefree package from one source.
Uncomplicated vehicle return
After the term has expired, just return the car and that’s it.

Your benefits at AMAG Leasing

No unforeseen costs

thanks to the LeasingPLUS extra services

Protection against risks

such as unexpected repairs or the vehicle’s loss of value

Always the latest model

with the latest technology and environmentally friendly transmissions

Flexible expiry dates

You decide how long your contract should last.

Planning reliability

as a result of fixed monthly instalments

Advantages for commercial customers

Equity is not burdened by leasing.

No risk and effort when reselling

since the vehicle is simply returned when leasing ends

* ID.3 Life, 150 kW/204 PS, 1-Gang, elektrisch,  Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert 16,6–15,4 kWh/100 km, CO2-Emissionen kombiniert 0 g/km, Energieeffizienzkategorie A. Hochvoltbatterie 58 kWh (netto). Reichweite kombiniert 425 km. Standard-Navigationsgerät  mit Media- und Internet-Paket, Mobiltelefonvorbereitung «Comfort» inkl. Wireless Charging, Sitzheizung für Vordersitze getrennt regelbar, Multifunktions-Lederlenkrad mit Alu-Dekor, Automatische Distanzregelung mit Follow-to-stop-Funktion  und Speed-Limiter, Parkdistanz-Kontrolle vorne und hinten durch akustische Warnsignale, Zentralverriegelung «Keyless-Go» ohne Safesicherung. Verkaufspreis CHF 39’450.– inkl. MwSt. Änderungen vorbehalten.


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