Diesel particulate filter check

If you'd like to know what condition your diesel particulate filter is in, we can check it for CHF 49. 

Reliable functioning of the diesel particulate filter has been checked in addition to road safety as part of the mandatory vehicle inspection (MFK) since 1 January 2023.

By having your diesel particulate filter checked by us beforehand, you can get a reliable indication of its condition and find out whether any repairs are needed ahead of the MFK. This avoids any unpleasant surprises when your vehicle undergoes its mandatory inspection.


An intact diesel particulate filter maximises retention of carcinogenic soot particles. New precise measuring equipment makes it possible to measure the emissions of ultra-fine soot particles, which are invisible to the naked eye, from the exhaust pipe.  Like the official test centres, we use a modern measuring device that can count the number of particles.

Regular diesel particulate filter checks are therefore worthwhile

Increase in resale value

Early identification of problems

Avoidance of costly repairs

Maintaining vehicle performance and efficiency

Reduction of environmental impacts

Ensuring compliance with legal requirements


A diesel particulate filter check is usually recommended if you have any indication that the filter may be clogged or damaged. Typical signs of this include:

  1. A warning light on the dashboard indicating a problem with the diesel particulate filter.
  2. A drop in your vehicle's performance or an increase in fuel consumption.
  3. Sooty exhaust emissions.
  4. If your vehicle is older and has high mileage.

Even if you want to sell your vehicle, showing proof of the check can increase the sale value.

It is advisable to have the check performed with the correct measuring equipment to determine whether the diesel particulate filter requires any maintenance work. Regular maintenance and, if necessary, cleaning or replacement of the filter can help to maintain your diesel vehicle's performance and efficiency.

Although an active warning light on the dashboard is an obvious sign of problems with the diesel particulate filter, it does not necessarily mean that there are no problems if the warning light is not lit. There are several reasons why you should still get the diesel particulate filter checked or inspected, even if there is no warning light on:

  1. Early identification of problems: A diesel particulate filter problem can develop gradually without immediately triggering a warning light. An early check can identify problems before they become more serious.
  2. Avoidance of expensive repairs: Repairing or replacing a diesel particulate filter can be expensive. Regular checks and maintenance help you avoid major damage and expensive repairs.
  3. Maintaining vehicle performance: Even if the light is not on, a clogged or dirty diesel particulate filter can affect your vehicle's performance and fuel efficiency.
  4. Environmental impact: An inefficient diesel particulate filter can lead to increased pollutant emissions that harm the environment. Early inspection can help minimise the environmental impact.
  5. Legal requirements: Regular diesel particulate filter checks or inspections are required by law in some regions, regardless of whether the warning light is on or not.

Overall, regular inspection and checking of the diesel particulate filter is a preventive measure to maintain your vehicle's health, minimise its environmental impact and avoid potentially expensive repairs.

  1.  Early identification of problems: A check can identify early signs of filter clogging, dirt or damage before serious problems occur.
  2. Maintaining vehicle performance: A clean and functioning diesel particulate filter helps to maintain your vehicle's performance. Clogged filters can lead to a drop in performance.
  3. Kinder to the environment: An efficient diesel particulate filter reduces the amount of particles and pollutants released into the air. This helps to reduce your vehicle's environmental impact and ensure compliance with the emission standards.
  4. Fuel efficiency: A clean diesel particulate filter can help improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency, as a clogged filter can increase fuel consumption.
  5. Extending the life of the filter: Regular checks and maintenance can extend the life of your diesel particulate filter, thus avoiding costly repairs or replacement.

All vehicles with a diesel engine and mandatory diesel particulate filter need to be checked. You can see whether your vehicle is affected by checking the emission code in box 72 of the vehicle registration document. Passenger cars and vans with emission code B5b or higher need to have the filter checked. Lorries and buses with emission code E06 or higher need to have the filter checked. If you are unsure, our staff will be happy to let you know whether or not your vehicle will be checked during the mandatory MFK inspection.

To pass the MFK, the measured number of diesel particles must not exceed 250,000 particles per cubic centimetre.

Some 10–20% of the vehicles tested currently exceed this limit. In most cases, the cause is a diesel particulate filter damaged by fine cracks.

The most important things to bear in mind when getting your diesel particulate filter checked:

  1.  Regularity: Have the check performed regularly according to the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations or local regulations.
  2. Qualified staff: Have the check performed by our qualified staff with the correct measuring equipment.
  3. Diagnostics: The check should include comprehensive diagnosis of the diesel particulate filter to detect clogging, dirt or damage.
  4. Maintenance: If necessary, maintenance measures such as cleaning or replacing the filter should be performed to maintain performance and efficiency.
  5. Documentation: Keep records of the checks and maintenance performed to track the vehicle's progress and identify potential problems.

Following these principles ensures effective and reliable checking of the diesel particulate filter to monitor your vehicle's health and environmental impact.


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