VW California increase in payload/total weight

Top equipment thanks to a retrofit on your California

Chassis and body

Increase in payload/total weight

Due to the high dead weight and heavy loading of the VW T6 California, the vehicle repeatedly reaches its total weight and payload capacity. The chassis is heavily loaded in the rear area due to the load, which can lead to overloading of the guaranteed rear axle load and the driving characteristics of the vehicle can be impaired.

The advantages and benefits:


- New total weight within the scope of the factory-guaranteed axle loads.

- Increase in payload within the scope of the axle guarantees

- Improved stability and traction of the vehicle

- The vehicle no longer sags on the rear axle when loaded.

- Reinforced coil springs incl. DTC certificate for the MFK

- Installation of the reinforced coil springs in our workshop and disposal of the original springs.

- Vehicle inspection at the MFK (cost of new vehicle registration certificate to be borne by owner)

Front-wheel drive: CHF 1490.–

4x4: CHF 1550.–

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Chassis and body

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