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Car glass is more than just a window: it fulfils important functions and guarantees not only an unobstructed view for the driver, but also for the built-in vehicle assistance systems. As a partner of the ‘Glass Specialist’ brand network, we repair stone chip and glass damage professionally and with original parts.


Fast help in the event of glass damage and stone impacts

The windscreen doesn’t always need to be replaced completely. Depending on the position and size of the stone impact or the crack, the damage can also be repaired.

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When is it possible to repair car glass instead of replacing it?

Minor damage
The spot is smaller than a two-franc piece.
Sufficient distance from the edge of the windscreen
The stone impact is at least 10 cm from the edge of the windscreen.

Clever Repair – benefits at a glance


Repairing damage without replacing the windscreen

Guaranteed safety

All functions remain unaffected

Environmentally friendly

since resources are saved


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Car glass service

Car glass service – we have the answers to your questions

If your windscreen has a crack, you should not continue driving. It’s best to immediately contact an AMAG garage near you. A damaged windscreen affects the stability of the vehicle bodywork. Imagine a cupboard without a rear wall: the rear wall may be thin, but it makes a major contribution to the stability of the piece of furniture. When activated, the airbag on the passenger side is also supported by the windscreen. At worst, this is no longer the case.

Did you know that 90% of all stone impacts can become large cracks within three years? That’s why you should only drive a short distance with a stone impact that’s not yet a big crack – and it’s best to drive to the nearest AMAG garage. The windscreen can often be repaired. In case of minor damage, this will be repaired in next to no time – and then you’re safely back on the road.

If the damage is smaller than a two-franc piece, is not in the driver’s field of vision and is far enough away from the edge of the windscreen, it can usually be repaired, and replacing the entire windscreen is not necessary. But this is the case only if the outer glass of the windscreen is affected and the interlayer film and inner glass are undamaged. To prevent water or dirt from penetrating, we advise you to cover the damaged area with a film or sticker before continuing your journey.

The ‘Glass Specialist’ is a brand network committed to the repair standards of car manufacturers. Service employees are always trained in accordance with the latest knowledge, and garages are equipped to carry out repairs professionally across the entire model range. Car glass repairs are carried out using original parts – this guarantees an optimal fit when replacing the windscreen, for example. The various assistance systems – such as lane departure warning system, distance and infrared sensors, drowsiness detection systems, rain sensor and the city emergency brake function – continue to function perfectly even after a repair, as the associated cameras are meticulously measured and adjusted on the test bench.

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