Post-winter camper van care: here’s how it works

Even camper vans need to be carefully brought back onto the road after winter and before the first use. We have some tips!

Most camper vans have a break during the winter. That’s why it’s important to take a closer look at them before your first holiday. With our tips for post-winter care, nothing stands in the way of a smooth start to the season.


Technically, the same tips apply to camper vans as to normal cars. But though it’s enough to check the engine, underside, fluids, wheels, brakes, lights and body in a normal car, a camper van needs some extra handling. After all, the pop-up roof, water pipes, gas system, battery, auxiliary heating, etc. also need to be checked after the winter break.

With these seven tips, your camper van will be thoroughly examined and ready for your next holiday.


Tip 1: Thoroughly clean your camper van

If you leave your camper van outdoors for the winter, you should be particularly thorough with cleaning. Moss on the roof or on the windows can quickly lead to moisture problems. In general, you should check whether the bodyshell is still sealed. Even unsightly rain streaks can be removed with a thorough clean.
A paint sealant can additionally protect the California from a range of aggressive environmental influences such as sea air, road salt or UV rays.


Tip 2: Get checks

In the case of a motorhome or camper van, it is not only necessary to comply with the MVI inspection deadlines, but also the deadlines for the gas test in order to check that the LPG system is working correctly. This must be carried out at intervals of three years.


Tip 3: The battery check

Nothing is more annoying than running out of juice at the destination. Therefore, in addition to the starter battery for the engine, it is imperative to check also the power supply for the living area. If you forgot to disconnect the second battery over the winter, you should definitely also check the voltage under load. After all, the power supply often only fails when under pressure.


Tip 4: Function check

The best opportunity to spot minor bugs or initiate repair work is before you set off. Are all the switches, lights and other consumers working in the camper van? The refrigerator, gas hob and pop-up roof should also be checked if present.


Tip 5: The water check

Inspection of the water system usually begins when it is switched off. If you’re taking precautions, you’ll need to empty your tanks before winter. Post-winter, the empty tanks should be rinsed thoroughly. If you want to be on the safe side, have a water tank cleaning service carried out in one of our garages. Everything is guaranteed to be germ-free.


Tip 6: The gas check

Even if the safety sticker is still valid, a thorough function check before departure can never hurt. Are all the connections sealed and fit together? Is the gas hose cracked or brittle? Is the gas cylinder correctly mounted, secured and fastened? Are the fresh air intake opening and exhaust ducts of the gas appliances unblocked and open?  Are all the manufacturer’s safety guidelines followed?

If you don’t feel comfortable carrying out a thorough check yourself, your AMAG expert will carry out a professional LPG inspection for you.


Tip 7: Buy accessories

If you want to indulge yourself in a little more comfort, consider some new accessories. A new bicycle rack that also carries heavy pedelecs, perhaps? When purchasing transport and carrier systems, it is worthwhile to seek professional advice and invest in good quality. The perfect fit of original articles simplifies assembly/disassembly and guarantees safety.

The possibilities are almost limitless, but above all they make your holiday an unforgettable experience. And if you follow our tips, you can enjoy a relaxed and carefree holiday with your camper van.



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We’ll make sure you can enjoy carefree driving and will get your camper ready for your next trip. Take advantage of our comprehensive camper van checks and then enjoy your holiday without any nasty surprises. With our range of accessories or the option of retrofitting, your California will always be well equipped.

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