VW California water tank cleaning for CHF 289.–

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Water tank cleaning

Avoid build-up of germs in the fresh and waste water tanks by having the tanks cleaned annually by an expert. Using the WM Aquatec Hygiene Trio, we clean and descale the tanks, including all water pipes, in the VW California.

What the VW T5/T6 water tank cleaning service includes

Cleaning (biofilm removal) and disinfection

of the fresh and waste water tanks

Disinfectant flushing

of the water pipes with disinfecting concentrate


of the tanks and pipes

Test drive

of the vehicle to activate and distribute the cleaning solution


of the tanks and pipes with fresh water

Installation of silver net

Addition of a silver net to the fresh water tank to protect it against germs


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Have your California checked regularly by our professionals so that you can really enjoy your next trip in the great outdoors. With our checks, your California will always be ready for the next adventure.


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We’ll make sure you can enjoy carefree driving and will get your camper ready for your next trip. Take advantage of our comprehensive camper van checks and then enjoy your holiday without any nasty surprises. With our range of accessories or the option of retrofitting, your California will always be well equipped.

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