Waxoyl sealing

Keeps your vehicle looking new for longer.

Keeps your vehicle looking new for longer.


Vehicle sealing

Waxoyl Glaze Gard provides a high gloss coating and protects vehicles from many aggressive environmental influences such as UV rays, acid rain, road salt, air pollution or sea air

Your vehicle looks newer for longer, which increases its resale value

Jens Thomas

Service Expert at your AMAG

Waxoyl Glaze Gard offers the following main benefits plus much more:

the paint maintains a long-lasting, deep gloss for two years
the powerful UV filter preserves the deep gloss of your vehicle
you save time and money on vehicle cleaning
Vehicle sealing

Starting at CHF 790.–* for the entire vehicle, including a preliminary polish

* Depends on vehicle size and paint condition. We recommend the sealant for vehicles up to two years old.


Wheel sealant

The Wheel Coating System from Waxoyl, brake dust and street dirt no longer stick to the wheels. The coating acts as a protective cover for your wheels, which also makes them easier to clean after application. Wheel Coating System from waxoyl is perfectly suited for both alloy and chrome wheels. The effect lasts for a season until the next tyre change (approximately six months).

Wheel sealant

CHF 119.- incl. work

For this service we need the vehicle all day. You can therefore not wait for completion.

WAXOYL Final Glass

Windscreen sealant

Application of the invisible, water-repellent film helps rainwater, snow and sleet run off more quickly, which improves visibility and thus increases safety. It also allows you to easily remove insects. Waxoyl Final Glass can be applied to all glass surfaces.

Windscreen sealant

CHF 39.-

Final Glass – ihard at work for your safety.

WAXOYL Neutralizer Plus

Disinfection of vehicle interiors

Thoroughly disinfecting vehicle interiors is particularly important at the moment. Waxoyl Neutralizer Plus kills 99.99% of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Waxoyl Neutralizer Plus is a purely mineral-based disinfectant for vehicle interiors. The product is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and free from additives. It kills microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi without leaving any residue. Waxoyl Neutralizer Plus permanently eliminates pathogens and unpleasant odours.

Vehicle interior disinfection

CHF 29.-

kills 99.99% of bacteria, fungi and viruses

Waxoyl Termin

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