Microlino - innovative electric vehicle from Switzerland

On this page you will find all the highlights of the new Microlino.

Microlino Blau Matt

This is not a car!

The perfect mix of a motorcycle and a car.

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Room for two

Room for two adults and three cases of beer

Charge me like a smartphone

Fully charged in just four hours using a standard household power outlet

Easy to park

Park perpendicular to the kerb and take up one-third of a standard parking space

230 km

Maximum range

90 km/h

Maximum speed

513 kg

Unladen weight


The perfect mix of a motorcycle and a car

Microlino closes the gap between a scooter/motorcycle and a standard car. Its front-facing door and compact size allow it to be parked perpendicularly. This means you can fit three Microlinos in one standard parking space.

Microlino blau
Roter Microlino Schrägansicht
Oranger Microlino Frontansicht




Small but mighty

The interior of the Microlino has a modern and minimalist design. The seats are comfortable and offer enough space for two people. The dashboard is clearly laid out and has all the important functions.

VW ID.5 GTX Innenraum mit Sicht auf das Cockpit
VW ID.5 GTX Interieur
VW ID.5 GTX Himmelhoch


You can find me here

Fancy a test drive? We look forward to your visit to our showroom: you will find the Microlino at the following locations from 30 September 2022:

AMAG Autowelt Zurich

Giessenstrasse 4, 8600 Dübendorf

Contact garage


Wankdorffeldstrasse 60, 3014 Bern

Contact garage

AMAG Basel

Reinacherstrasse 149/151, 4053 Basel

Contact garage

AMAG Buchrain

Elsihof 1, 6035 Perlen

Contact garage

AMAG Petit-Lancy

Chem. du Bac 21, 1213 Lancy

Contact garage

AMAG Noranco

Via Pian Scairolo 36, 6915 Pambio-Noranco

Contact garage

AMAG Wettswil

Moosstrasse 33a, 8907 Wettswil a. A.

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Microlino FAQ

Have any questions?

What kind of number plate do I need? Can Microlinos park perpendicularly? You can find frequently asked questions and answers about Microlino here.
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Microlino Eco

Incredibly environmentally friendly

Calculate how much a Microlino can reduce your annual CO2 emissions