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«Electro-mobility? Just do it, give it a go!»

Ueli Setz, Head of Customer Services at AMAG Retail, explains how customer services are changing in light of the switch to electric vehicles, and gives his top tip for electric newbies.


What after-sales services are there specifically for electric car customers?

Ueli Setz: Electric cars need maintenance too. This is the most important service and is therefore used a lot. Otherwise, there are no specific services for electric vehicles. However, there are some that are not required, as there is no combustion engine or gearbox, so no scheduled maintenance such as changing the oil or replacing various wearing parts such as spark plugs, air filters or clutches.

How often should electric car drivers get their cars checked?

We recommend an annual check, irrespective of mileage. It is important to stick to the maintenance schedules. With our contracting partner, this can be combined with changing the wheels. 

What questions do customers ask you most often?

It is mainly questions about the high-voltage battery, as this is a key component in electric cars which is not in combustion cars. We can tell the customers what they need to know.

How well are customers coping with charging in public?

Very well. There is no witchcraft involved. Charging is very easy to understand, as is payment. 


Charging is very easy to understand, as is payment.

Ueli Setz, Head of Customer Services AMAG Retail


What about home charging stations, is there much interest?

Yes, as many customers are buying an electric car for the first time. So the salesperson is also the first point of contact for a home charging station.

What are the benefits of a charger at home?

Firstly, you don’t need to worry about finding a charging station nearby, and secondly, you can charge the car fully and gently overnight at low unit rates. 

Do you encourage those who are renting to get a home charging station?

Yes, even renters cannot escape the electro-mobility trend. This way of thinking will make it easier for renters to take the plunge and get a home charging station

What car do you drive?

I currently drive a VW Tiguan, but I have ordered a VW ID.4

How quickly did you get to grips with the new world of electro-mobility on an everyday basis?

Very quickly. You just need to try it and test drive an electric car. You will notice that your prejudices against electric vehicles disappear very quickly. 

What is your top tip for electric car newbies in general and when it comes to charging?

It’s very simple, just do it, give it a go! The same goes for charging: try out fast-charging, charging at 230 V, etc. to get a feel for how it works, how long it takes and what it costs. 

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