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E-mobility: «I get the feeling it really is a more relaxed drive»

Guido Neuhaus, COO of AMAG Retail, explains what impact electric cars will have on the used car market over the next few years and what AMAG’s plans are in this area.

Guido Neuhaus, there are still very few used electric cars available. As of when do you think there will be any real change?

Guido Neuhaus: It will definitely take a little while. The used market covers all those vehicles changing hands, i.e. more than 800,000 vehicles a year. The used market for electric models needs to establish itself, and to begin with it will be manageable volumes that are relatively expensive compared to the average price for used cars. So when will there be any real change? I’m going to be cautious, but based on what is available in the new car market, there will definitely be bigger steps forward among used cars as of 2023, with more and also smaller models, including returns from the leasing component of the new car market, which should not be underestimated and which will also put broader pressure on used car prices.

When will there be more used electric cars than conventional ones?

I think this could very much be the case for 4 to 7 year-old cars by 2030. As well as the cars being available, we must not forget that the charging infrastructure needs to develop hugely, so that there are also ways for those living in flats to charge their cars too, for example. 

What are the biggest challenges for you at the moment?

As with all technical innovations, how prices develop will be interesting and should not be underestimated. Building up the necessary knowledge on electric models is particularly challenging, and this applies not only to our own brands, but also to third-party brands. Used car dealerships contain a range of different brands, and customers quite rightly want correct advice on the different brands and models. And, of course, we need to know all about the charging infrastructure for the used cars. 

What is the biggest advantage of a used electric car compared to a used car with a combustion engine?

The biggest advantage would have to be the contribution to reducing CO2. (laughs) Joking aside, the customer defines the benefits for themselves. Personally, I like the quiet ride, the immediate torque, the optimised space in the interior and the quick heating or air-conditioning – and I get the feeling it really is a more relaxed drive.

What should customers be looking out for when buying a used electric car, especially when it comes to the battery?

A good question which will be easier to answer when we have a better understanding after they have been used for longer.  If you consider the current service life of the vehicles, there are no major disadvantages in terms of quality. The range and the preference for specific battery technologies are definitely important factors. As is a closer consideration of recuperation options.

Who would you recommend should buy a used electric car?

The criteria should be the same as for a new car: What routes do you drive on what kind of roads? What are the cycles like, do you cover very long distances? What charging facilities do you have at home, on the routes you use most often or at work? 


Currently, I drive a VW ID.4. It’s given me a really great impression about the car and about new mobility.

Guido Neuhaus, COO AMAG Retail


You are planning to open a centre of excellence in this area in the Zurich region. When will it open its doors? 

As I mentioned above, we need to build up our knowledge of all our own models and the third-party brands. It is not just about selling electric models, but also about exchanging them. We need to be able to answer questions on ranges, changes in infotainment systems, charging options, quality ratings, etc. All this for a selection of vehicles that will increase massively over the next one to two years. We will start with the core areas and then build up our knowledge. It is very important to us that our used car customers also get great advice when it comes to electric cars. 

Can you tell us any more?

To start with, we will be focussing on our larger used car dealerships. We laid the foundations at our site in Sihlbrugg a couple of years ago and set up our first centre of excellence for new drive systems. Now we want to extend that further. 

What car do you drive?

Currently, a VW ID.4. It’s given me a really great impression about the car and about "new mobility". You need to drive it for a little while in order to forget the scepticism and enjoy all the benefits. The ID.4 can even cope with trips down to South Tirol without stopping to charge up, which increases your confidence and makes you enjoy it more. 

What is important to you in an electric car?

Range, good handling, a sensible amount of power, good charging facilities and, of course, quality and reliability. Plus a garage to support me if I have any questions or problems.

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