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AMAG Etoy Taillens

Chloé Taillens



AMAG Etoy Hadzic

Amel Hadzic

Service Advisor Aftersales VW

AMAG Etoy Gendre

Bruce Gendre

Service Advisor Aftersales Audi

AMAG Etoy Jeanmonod

Christophe Jeanmonod

Head Reception & Service Advisor Aftersales SEAT

AMAF Etoy Ozkul

Cebrail Ozkul

Service Advisor Aftersales ŠKODA

AMAG Etoy Mehanovic

Haris Mehanovic

Service Advisor Aftersales


AMAG Etoy Niederländer

Francis Niederländer

Team Leader & Sales Advisor Volkswagen / Connect Advisor

AMAG Etoy Chavanne

Michael Chavanne

Sales Advisor Volkswagen

AMAG Lausanne Boano

Dominique Boano

Sales Advisor VW Commercial Vehicles / Connect Advisor

AMAG Etoy Vazquez

Alberto Vazquez

Sales Advisor Audi

AMAG Etoy Pinhal

David Pinhal

Sales Advisor Audi / Connect Advisor

AMAG Etoy Ciarrettino

Johnni Ciarrettino

Sales Advisor SEAT / Connect Advisor

AMAG Etoy Bayat

Yann Federer

Team Leader & Sales Advisor ŠKODA / Connect Advisor

AMAG Etoy Hess

Patrick Hess

Sales Advisor ŠKODA / Connect Advisor

AMAG Etoy Hischier

Philippe Hischier

Sales Advisor Volkswagen / Connect Advisor

Body & Paint Shop

AMAG Etoy Ventura

Thomas Ventura

Head Body & Paint Shop

Spare Parts

AMAG Etoy Aramini

Patrizio Aramini

Head Spare Parts Store

AMAG Etoy Pole

Karim Pole

Sales Advisor Spare Parts

AMAG Etoy Pucino

Alex Pucino

Apprentice Spare Parts


AMAG Etoy Oliveira

Oliveira Vitor Manuel

Team Leader Workshop