«Working on electric cars is different, but very exciting»

Workshop supervisor Stefan Emmenegger explains how electromobility has changed his everyday work as a trained mechatronics engineer at AMAG, and what the biggest challenges are.


He has found his dream job: Stefan Emmenegger has been workshop supervisor for the SEAT, Škoda and CUPRA brands at AMAG for the past five years. ‘It is a role that really appeals to me’, he explains. ‘The job is very varied, and challenging in many ways.’

The 32-year-old knew from a young age that he wanted to work in the automotive industry one day. ‘Even as a child, I was interested in vehicles, and particularly engines’, he says. ‘I always loved watching and listening to how engines sounded and worked.’ Emmenegger began by fiddling with his bicycle, and then a moped as a teen. ‘And when I had to choose a career, there was no need to explore different options: I was sure that I wanted to be a automotive mechatronics engineer.’


From apprentice to supervisor in no time at all

Emmenegger spent four years as an apprentice in a small garage, where he continued working after his apprenticeship was complete, including additional training as an automotive diagnostician. He then moved to AMAG at the age of 27. ‘I could not progress any further at my apprenticeship company and was looking for a new challenge’, he explains. In the spring of 2018, a diagnostician was being sought to serve as the deputy workshop supervisor at Audi. Emmenegger applied, and got the job. 

He quickly proved to be a capable employee for Switzerland’s biggest car dealer and soon made an internal move to become workshop supervisor for the SEAT/Škoda/CUPRA trio of brands. He has now been in this role for four years. ‘My activities include organising the workshop and assigning work, including final checks, whilst also helping mechatronics engineers with problem cases and conducting difficult diagnoses.’



The proportion of electric cars is noticeably increasing

Electromobility is becoming an increasingly important part of Stefan Emmenegger’s everyday work. Initially, only minor work was being done in the workshops. ‘This transition has accelerated hugely with the arrival of new electric platforms. We are now performing an increasing number of services, or doing major repairs on electric batteries’, he notes. Work on electric cars may be ‘different’, but it is just as exciting as work on combustion vehicles, Emmenegger explains. 

And the challenges that electric cars can bring should not be underestimated. ‘An expert can spot oil loss straight away’, Emmenegger says. ‘Yet with electric cars, it is generally impossible to identify issues by eye alone. A defective battery may look exactly the same as a sound one. This means its is vital that all employees at the company know exactly what to look for.’ 

However, the increasing experience gained from everyday work means that the body of knowledge on electromobility is continually growing. In addition, employees at AMAG garages are regularly kept up to date via courses and further training. Emmenegger has also already had comprehensive further training in this area, including becoming a high-voltage expert, training that is required to be able to work on complex electric batteries.


A defective battery may look exactly the same as a sound one. This means its is vital that all employees at the company know exactly what to look for.

AMAG SEAT, Škoda and CUPRA workshop supervisor Stefan Emmenegger



Electromobility as an exciting professional field

However, the workshop supervisor notes that everyone always works together to overcome all of these challenges. ‘Team work is what I love the most. I like the respectful way that we work together to solve problems and meet customers’ needs.’ Often, it is the little things that surprise and delight him. ‘Such as difficult diagnoses that suddenly become very easy to solve.’

In summary, Emmenegger would recommend a career in electromobility to anyone. ‘In my view, electromobility is expanding our professional field. Working on and with electric cars is very exciting.’ The mechanical work involved in the profession is changing, ensuring varied everyday work. ‘I would advise all young people to be open to new things, engage with them and to learn from their experiences’, he says.


Still driving a combustion vehicle at home

As he has also done – and will continue to do. ‘I want to complete further business training at some point, so that I can access other challenges in the future’, the car professional notes. However, Emmenegger adds that he is currently very satisfied with his role. 

The same goes for the car he has. But unlike his agile professional field, this is still fairly traditional: this AMAG man has not yet made the full switch to an electric car for his private vehicle. He says with a grin: ‘I still stick to my old passion when it comes to my own car! I drive an Audi S8.’ 



Electromobility professions at AMAG

Electromobility professions at AMAG

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