The job of a car salesman has changed dramatically: 'I advise customers on everything to do with e-mobility'

Adrian Ringgenberg has worked as an AMAG sales consultant for seven years. Since then, virtually no stone has remained unturned in his profession: cars are no longer the only thing he sells to his customers – now he sells them an entire electromobility ecosystem.


Work starts early at AMAG in Bern-Wankdorf. Shortly after seven, Adrian meets up with his team colleagues to discuss the day ahead and the current issues – this is the sales consultant's only group meeting. The 34-year-old is free to organise his working day as he likes. 'I really enjoy it. I can really make a difference. And the variety of the work keeps it exciting.'

His responsibilities include selling VW vehicles, advising customers about different models and their features, handling finance and leasing, arranging test drives and customer care. He enjoys the direct contact with customers most of all, says the native of Berne. 'I get a great deal of satisfaction from helping them choose their new vehicle and fulfilling their wishes and needs – and also seeing how happy they are when they leave the dealership in their new vehicle.'


An electromobility ecosystem

However, his job has changed a lot over the seven years of his career as a sales consultant. The reason for this is electromobility, which is also becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland. 'The constant innovation in the automotive industry is a challenge', he says. 'I have had to get to grips with new technologies and drive systems, attended training courses on electromobility and charging techniques and learned about the ranges, the charging infrastructure and the incentive programmes.'



Adrian had to learn all the specifics of the AMAG product range in order to keep up to speed on the drive technology of the future. Switzerland’s biggest car dealer is in the process of becoming the leading provider of sustainable, individual mobility. This means that, rather than 'just' selling cars, AMAG is providing an entire electromobility ecosystem supplying the complete range of vehicles, charging solutions and electricity from a single source. In addition to this, there is also self-generated solar power, a dense network of rapid charging stations, an app and a combined charging and credit card.


Many customers opt for the all-inclusive package

'I advise customers on all of these issues', says Adrian. 'It means we can provide them with the best all-round package.' Most people would actually prefer this, since it relieves them of a lot of the worry and provides a comprehensive service, says the sales professional. AMAG subsidiary Helion then handles the installation of the private charging infrastructure. The energy provider specialises in sustainable energy and mobility solutions with photovoltaics, energy storage systems, heat pumps and charging points.


Helion: 2,000 charging points per year

Helion: 2,000 charging points per year

Helion, a subsidiary of the AMAG Group, shows that e-mobility has arrived in Switzerland: the energy specialists based in Solothurn install 2,000 charging points every year. With regional teams in Zuchwil SO, Rothenburg LU, Volketswil ZH, St. Gallen, Yverdon VD and Rivera TI, the energy provider ensures that the increasing demand for charging points is met – for all requirements. 'We can handle everything from detached residences and systems for companies to rapid charging systems at motorway service stations', says Remo Stettler, Electromobility Implementation Team Leader at Helion. The company covers every aspect of installation, often including photovoltaic systems for solar power. 'More and more customers are choosing to feed their charging points from their own PV systems', says Remo. 'Our smart energy solution is a good way of charging electric cars with solar power in a sustainable way.'


However, the growing demand for charging infrastructure also means an increasing need for skilled installation workers. 'In combination with the photovoltaics, we anticipate an additional annual requirement of 1,500 full-time positions in building technology over the next few years', says Remo. 'We are mainly looking for people with a background in electrical engineering.'


Remo Stettler found his own dream job at Helion. 'The wide range of projects means that the job is very varied and constantly provides us with new challenges – such as coordinating with the more than 700 grid operators in Switzerland, as well as the new charging points. Each system has different requirements.' For Remo, it's clear that the future belongs to electric mobility. 'I recently switched to an electric car myself, and have been a completely satisfied VW ID.4 driver ever since.' Electric cars are fun – 'and sustainable'.


Customer feedback is a challenge for the sales consultant

One of the most exciting challenges for Adrian is keeping up with rapid technological developments and always being up to date. And there’s something else which spurs him on: the wide range of customer feedback concerning electromobility. This is particularly the case when he is confronted with reservations. 'Sometimes, it's a challenge to convince customers of the reliability and practicality of electric vehicles", the sales consultant admits. 'That's especially the case if they are worried about range or the charging infrastructure.'

He mainly encounters concerns such as these from older customers or people in more rural regions, or people who don't have access to private charging points on account of their living situation. 'These people are all more cautious when deciding whether to buy an electric vehicle.' As part of his training, he has learned how to best advise customers on their e-mobility requirements and how to provide them with information and therefore reassurance. 'I make time for the customers in order to address their concerns.' Generally speaking, there is always a need to educate people, because people still have misconceptions about e-mobility.


'I enjoy being part of a sustainable future'

However, Adrian finds that most drivers are open to electromobility. 'I think that electromobility has already been broadly accepted in Switzerland.' Many people are aware of the benefits in terms of the environment, appreciate the lower operating costs and are also enthusiastic about the quiet engines and the innovative technology.

These are the e-advantages that Adrian also gets excited by. The 34-year-old drives an all-electric VW ID.4, which he is completely happy with. 'The technical innovations and rapid development in the field of electromobility are what I find the most exciting', he says. 'I enjoy being part of a sustainable future and helping to protect the environment by selling electric vehicles.'

360-degree solutions

Electromobility from a single source

AMAG customers are fully equipped and always well looked after when it comes to electromobility – with the all-inclusive package consisting of an electric car, a charging point, a photovoltaic system and the spectrum of practical on-the-go services. The product range at a glance:

Electric car

As Switzerland’s biggest car dealer, AMAG is the market leader for battery-operated electric vehicles. The range includes numerous compact cars, SUVs and saloons from Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Škoda, CUPRA and VW Commercial Vehicles. Book a test drive and discover your favourites.


⚡️E-car subscription

If you want to gain practical experience of one of AMAG's electric models for a few months, why not try the electric car subscription from Clyde. The fixed price includes everything – such as advice about electricity, insurance, registration, delivery and service.


Perfect service

Apropos servicing: since electric vehicle maintenance differs significantly from internal combustion engine models, services are carried out by staff specially trained in high-voltage batteries. The additional benefit: since there are fewer wearing parts, the cost of maintaining an electric car is considerably lower than with an internal combustion engine model.


Home charging

The easiest way to switch to electromobility is to have your own charging point. If you charge at home, not only can you conveniently do this overnight, but you can also save money if the electricity comes from your in-house photovoltaic system.


Your own electricity

You can easily produce your own solar power using a photovoltaic system (PV). Not only can you charge your electric car with this system, but it can also heat your building and temporarily store the excess electricity. Another positive side effect is that you can save 80 percent or more of your costs in this way!


Carefree travel

On longer trips or on holiday, you sometimes need to recharge your batteries while you are out and about. As an AMAG customer, you can benefit from the advantages of AMAG rapid charging stations. The handy AMAG app will show you where the nearest station is. Payment is simple with the combined AMAG charging and credit card. 

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