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“Things don’t go wrong as often with electric cars”

Workshop Manager Sergio Reale explains key aspects of his job as a mechatronics engineer and what his previous experience with electric cars in the workshop has been like.

How long have you been at AMAG?

Sergio Reale: I have been working as a workshop manager for AMAG for exactly five years.

Was it clear to you that you wanted to be a mechatronics engineer rather than a traditional car mechanic?[

Mechatronics is a very new discipline. When I began my apprenticeship, it didn’t exist. So I studied as a car mechanic and trained on our group brands of Audi, Škoda and VW. Later, I completed the technician exams for these brands and currently work for VW, where I am still doing further training courses.

What are the biggest differences in the training?

The biggest difference is the training period. Mechanics, now known as automotive engineers, train for three years. A mechatronics apprenticeship takes four years. In terms of content, the major difference is that mechatronics engineers go into much greater depth on electronics than automotive engineers.

What do you like most about your job?

Our job is very varied and there is always something to learn!


Mechatronics engineers go into much greater depth on electronics than automotive engineers.

Sergio Reale, Workshop Manager at AMAG


What are the biggest challenges?

The biggest challenges are trouble-shooting and diagnostics. The current technology is extremely complex!

If somebody were to ask what could go wrong with an electric car, what would you tell them?

Our experience so far suggests that electric cars go wrong much less often. Currently, it is mainly software problems that need to be resolved.

What are the jobs you do most often?

The most frequent work is still maintenance on the vehicles, followed by diagnostics and trouble-shooting.

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