The best tricks: How to make everyday driving more sustainable

More and more people are considering the importance of environmentally-friendly handling of resources. We give you a few quick tips on how to make your life with an electric car more sustainable.


One thing is clear: if you want to be more sustainable, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own car, providing it has a different drive system. A German study (by the Federal Ministry for the Environment) revealed that electric vehicles (BEVs) are already more sustainable than conventional combustion cars in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.  

The environmental credentials of these vehicles are improved still further if they are charged with electricity from renewable energy sources. This is the case in more and more countries, including Switzerland, where an electric vehicle still produces 30 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. By comparison, the figure for a combustion engine is twice as high. And we need have no concerns about electro-smog from BEVs. There is no measurable electromagnetic radiation from outside the vehicle.  

You can put your foot down with a clear conscience with one of the ever-increasing range of vehicles from AMAG. AMAG is wholly committed to electro-mobility, focusing on driving forward the transition to sustainable, electric transport. AMAG’s goal is to become the leading provider of sustainable individual mobility solutions.   

This vision is clear in all the AMAG brands – VW, Audi, SEAT, Škoda, CUPRA and VW commercial vehicles. The same applies to the small cars that allow a sustainable lifestyle in the city. Their compact dimensions, manoeuvrability on narrow streets and easy parking take the stress out of driving to work, to the shops or to meet with friends.  


Shopping and travelling with the VW ID.3 

The VW e-up! is one car that meets all the above requirements. The VW ID.3 is a bit bigger. With this model, you can afford to get carried away when you go shopping as the 315-litre boot is among the biggest in its class. And it can easily cope with longer trips into the countryside or the mountains with its maximum range of 335 kilometres (or even longer, depending on the model). Not to mention the fact that using the electric car for excursions and holidays instead of flying also helps contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. You can try something from the ever-growing network of sustainable accommodation, all of which also have excellent charging facilities. 


Conquer the city in a PHEV 

Talking of charging facilities: these are already well established in urban regions and can also be used by plug-in hybrid models (PHEVs). These vehicles allow you to have a sustainable lifestyle and drive sustainably in the city. With lots of start-stop traffic and low speeds in the city traffic, the electric motor should ideally be in use all the time. Examples of this category in the AMAG range include the Golf GTE and the CUPRA Leon e-Hybrid, both of which are also very sporty little numbers. 

10 tips for a sustainable everyday life

10 tips for a sustainable everyday life

  • When buying food, use regional suppliers and seasonal produce and try to find the organic, fair-trade and sustainability labels. 

  • Avoid food waste. 

  • Drink tap water instead of mineral water from plastic bottles. 

  • Be careful to separate your waste.   

  • Avoid packaging and disposable goods and use your own storage pots instead.  

  • Use electricity carefully. Avoid stand-by functions and switch lights and electrical equipment off when not in use.  

  • Take showers instead of baths. A shower (keeping it as short as possible) uses around 50 litres, while a bath is about four times that much. There are also special shower heads that can save even more water. 

  • Eat less meat. WWF in Switzerland recommends consuming no more than three portions of meat per week. This can improve your own carbon footprint by 20 percent.   

  • Do not be tempted by fast fashion when clothes shopping. While many cheap items end up in the old clothes collections, they cannot be used because they contain lots of artificial fibres. Clothes made of organic fibres or recycled materials are better, as are second-hand items or products from labels that produce locally.  

  • Buy long-lasting products and use them for longer. 


Using your own «smart charger»   

If you then want to commit to a car on a more long-term basis, AMAG offers purchase or lease agreements for new cars or used models. And if you are able to install your own charging station, you should definitely do so, ideally with “smart charging” via solar power. The greener the energy mix, the better the carbon footprint of your car. AMAG offers tailored charging solutions for your home


Don’t forget: to make sure your driving is always as green as it can be, you need to check the car regularly. If everything is working perfectly, the drive is as eco-friendly as it can be. To extend the battery life, it also helps to adopt a more moderate driving style – no frequent, hard acceleration or prolonged driving at full throttle.   

And what else can you do to make life more sustainable, apart from driving an electric car? Below are a few tips on lifestyle, leisure and nutrition. 

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