Roberto Amore from Zurich – undaunted by his switch to an electric car

EV newcomer Roberto Amore tells how his switch to a plug-in car was like jumping in at the deep end – and how he passed his baptism of fire on an adventurous trip to southern Italy.


Taking the plunge and switching to an electric car – Roberto Amore from the Zurich lowlands recently started driving an AUDI e-tron Sportback 50 advanced Attraction – and is thrilled with his new vehicle. “It’s a very nice car,” he says. “The e-tron Sportback is extremely comfortable, the build quality is outstanding and there’s plenty of space. It’s ideal for our family.” But what the 53-year-old likes best is the drive. “It’s much better than with an internal combustion engine! The car makes less noise and has much faster acceleration.”


An electric car thanks to a prize draw

The network engineer (he works for a telecommunications company) didn't plan his switch to electromobility long in advance, however; fortune intervened to give him and his family a nudge, as it were. “My wife entered a prize draw at AMAG Bülach in July,” says Amore. “She ended up winning a three-month AMAG subscription for an electric car. It was a total surprise for us.”

The Amores were literally thrust straight into an electromobility adventure. They started renting the Audi e-tron Sportback on 1 August. And Roberto Amore has been fully embracing this new way of driving ever since. While other drivers have reservations about electromobility (see box: The best tips for switching to an electric car) and approach it with caution, Amore decided to go all out and take the electric car straight to Italy – on a holiday trip that had already been planned, 



knowing full well that a trip in an electric car requires more planning due to the charging stations, of which there are not yet that many, especially in southern Italy. But Amore knew how to get help. “I planned the journey on the sat nav and with two apps, and added more stopovers on the outward journey than would have been necessary in a combustion-engine vehicle.”

Just two days after the vehicle handover, we left Zurich for Naples. Did the newcomer not have any concerns before the trip? “No concerns,” says Roberto Amore. “Just a little uncertainty. Before leaving, I only had a chance to try out the charging once.” But the Amores made good time, covering around 1100 kilometres each way – equipped with a charging app and a credit card. “With one exception, this worked perfectly,” says the father of one. “One time we had to divert to another charging station because a charging point was out of order.”


No charging station? No problem

Upon arrival in Campania, the charging infrastructure thinned out noticeably compared to northern Italy. There was no charging station at all in the Amores’ holiday resort, and the family had to drive 15 kilometres to the nearest charging point. It wasn’t exactly a fast-charging station, either: “Charging to 80 per cent took almost four hours,” says Amore. But the family refused to let this deter them. “We combined the charging once with a visit to the cinema and the other time with breakfast and shopping. It’s really not a problem during the holidays.”


After passing this baptism of fire abroad, everyday electric driving in Switzerland was and is pretty much a formality. Although Amore doesn’t have his own charging station here, either, he manages very well with the existing infrastructure. “There are several charging options in our area, including a 150 kW fast-charging station,” he says. With the latter, charging takes about half an hour.


Some friends are enthusiastic, others sceptical

Word of Amore’s sudden switch to an e-car has now spread among his friends and acquaintances. Most of them would welcome it. “They want to come for a ride, too,” he says with a laugh. The only stumbling block is the range, which many believe is a little short. The AUDI e-tron Sportback 50 advanced Attraction has a range of around 300 kilometres in the real world. But, as Roberto Amore has proven, you can even take it on holiday without any problems.

Yet despite his positive experiences with electromobility, Roberto Amore will be returning the car he won at the end of the three-month subscription and getting back behind the wheel of his trusty Audi Q3 with combustion engine. But he is now sure he is ready for a definitive switch to an electric car. And he already has his sights set on one particular model – the Q6 e-tron, which will be launched in 2024, has taken his fancy. “It’s a really good car, and I can see myself making the switch very easily.”

And what advice does Amore have for other drivers, based on his experience? “Those who are mainly on the road in Switzerland will have no problems,” he concludes. “And if you're prepared to break up longer journeys and put up with regions that have poorer charging facilities, you’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of the electric car!”

⚡️ Tips for switching to an electric car


Do your research: Firstly, it’s worth reading up on electromobility. In addition to this checklist, the big ABC of electromobility can help you learn the most important terminology.


Banish your preconceptions: As a newcomer, you may still have one or two uncertainties about electromobility. Are there even enough charging stations, is the car’s range enough for me? These and other preconceptions can all be debunked, as this fact check shows.


Everyday check: How will the car be used? Do the kilometre test: For one week, record the distance you cover each day and calculate the daily average. Your car’s range should be about one third above this average.


Pick a car: The days when you could only choose from a handful of models are long gone. The AMAG range is expanding all the time, and all brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Škoda, CUPRA and VW Commercial Vehicles offer electric models. Don't be afraid to test-drive them.


Clarify the charging situation: What is the charging situation in your area? If you're a homeowner, you can simply install a wallbox. Alternatively, charging at your employer's premises would be an option. Otherwise, it is important to check the neighbourhood for the nearest charging stations. The good news is that the Swiss network is expanding all the time.

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