Questions and answers about the AMAG car subscription

The right car for every life situation - thanks to the most varied selection of cars in Switzerland. And thanks to the AMAG car subscription at a fixed monthly price.

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All our used cars come with the reliability and quality you can expect from AMAG. As a rule, the vehicles are between 12 and 24 months old.

No, the vehicles are not marked. Our AMAG logo can only be found on the number plate holder.

You get the exact car that you see and choose on the website. If this car has already been taken in the meantime, we will try to offer you a similar car as an alternative.

In rare exceptional cases, it may be a former smoker's vehicle. AMAG has done everything possible in advance to neutralise any odours. No further treatment will be carried out following a subscription takeover.

Yes. Try one out – now is the right time. We would be happy to advise you on the subject of charging stations. Contact us by e-mail at or by telephone on 0800 33 55 33.

You will receive a number plate from your canton of residence. However, it is not possible to attach your existing number plate to the car.

Subscription period, kilometres and conditions

Subscription period, kilometres and conditions

You must be at least 20 years old, live in Switzerland and have a valid category B driving licence valid in Switzerland. If the driver’s licence is issued abroad, they also confirm that their driver’s licence is valid in Switzerland for the duration of the intended rental period. You also need to have a credit card and a positive credit report. 

Yes. You just need to have an official residency registration certificate and a valid driving licence valid in Switzerland. In some cases, the driver and vehicle licensing office requires written proof of registration. If the driver’s licence is issued abroad, they also confirm that their driver’s licence is valid in Switzerland for the duration of the intended rental period.

The vehicle is to be used primarily in Switzerland. The vehicle may also be driven abroad (such as for holiday purposes). Use of the car abroad is limited to the following countries:

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and Vatican City State.

When driving abroad, you are obliged to carry any additional documents and safety accessories required for this purpose, such as safety vests, in the vehicle.

The monthly subscription fee (rent) includes:

a) Use of the vehicle during the rental period within the scope of the kilometres included in the agreed monthly package

b) Summer and winter tyres, including changing and storage

c) Swiss motorway vignette for the year in which the rental contract starts

d) All registration fees, vehicle taxes and charges

e) Motor vehicle insurance

f) All servicing, maintenance and repairs, as long as these have not been caused by use of the vehicle by the customer in violation of the contract

All other costs associated with operating and keeping the vehicle are borne by the customer. This applies in particular to costs for fuel consumption, costs for electricity, wiper fluid, AdBlue, cleaning costs during the contract period or with regard to return of the vehicle, toll fees for roads in other countries, etc.

Using our online platform, you can easily select a car by setting the filter to “Car subscription”. You will then be shown a selection of all vehicles available under subscription-model terms. Then select the “Subscribe now” button on the product detail page of the car. After that, the ordering process follows online.

If you have any difficulties with booking your car, please contact us by e-mail at or by telephone on 0800 33 55 33.

Yes. Family and friends may also drive the vehicle, but it is important that these persons also have a driving licence that is valid in Switzerland.

In the first step, we need your personal information, such as name, address, credit card details, etc. We will contact you if we need any additional information.

We will do everything we can to hand over the vehicle as quickly as possible. The necessary arrangements usually take around 7 to 10 working days, and we will discuss the precise date with you. You are welcome to provide us with a preferred date in advance, and we will try to meet your wishes whenever possible.

This is up to you and depends on the contract term you choose. The minimum term of our car subscriptions is 6 months, and the maximum is 24 months. The subscription starts from the day we hand the vehicle over to you.

At the end of the selected minimum term, the subscription is always extended by an additional month until you take action to change or cancel your subscription.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so online at least 30 days before the end of your contract period.

The minimum term cannot be increased. As long as you do not cancel the subscription, it continues month after month.

At the end of the selected minimum term, the subscription is always extended by an additional month until you take action to change or cancel your subscription.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so online at least 30 days before the end of your contract period.

This generally depends on how you plan to use the vehicle. There are different kilometre bundles to choose from: 500, 1'000, 1'500, 2'500 and 3'000 km/month.

You can see which km packages are available for your desired car on the vehicle details page.

If the selected mileage is exceeded, the additional kilometres will be billed for at the end of the subscription period. We charge CHF 0.40 per additional kilometre.

No reimbursement will be provided for any unused kilometres. It is not possible to transfer the unused kilometres to a new subscription or vehicle.

Yes. During your subscription period, any kilometres you don’t use are carried over to the following month. However, unused kilometres cannot be transferred to a different subscription or car.

Switching vehicles is not possible during the minimum term. If you switch vehicles after the end of the minimum term, a new minimum term begins for the new vehicle. It is not possible to offset the rental period of the previous vehicle against the new minimum term for the new vehicle.

Yes. You can easily switch your car online. To do this, log into your account, where you will find the corresponding function. It is important that you make this change at least 30 days before the end of your individual subscription period.

We’d be happy to. To get the ball rolling, go to and fill in the necessary information. We then calculate the value of your car and get back to you promptly with a purchase offer. You are also welcome to contact us by e-mail at or by telephone on 0800 33 55 33.

As an alternative to returning the vehicle, the vehicle can be purchased or a lease can be concluded. If you are interested, the purchase price as well as the leasing conditions will be made known to you after the end of the rental period. The other details and conditions will be taken care of in a separate purchase contract. If you have questions, contact us by e-mail at or by telephone on 0800 33 55 33.

Booking, payment

Booking, payment

No, we do not require a deposit or start-up fee.

Payment must be made exclusively via your credit card. Unfortunately, payment by invoice is not possible.

Mastercard and Visa.

Pick-up, delivery, return

Pick-up, delivery, return

Simply visit one of our 82 locations in Switzerland. Or, for even more convenience, have your car delivered directly to your home. To have this happen, select the home delivery option during the booking process.

Yes. For a small additional charge of CHF 199.–, we would be happy to deliver your car directly to your door in Switzerland.

We will fill up your car’s tank before it is delivered from our location to your home. This means the tank may not be 100% full when the car ultimately arrives at your home.

The car must be picked up by the person who took out the subscription. Please bring your valid driving licence and an ID or passport for identification.

Please bring your valid driving licence and an ID or passport. Please also bring the credit card with which you confirmed the car subscription.

Yes. The odometer reading will not be recorded until the time of handover at your home.

You can return the car to an AMAG business near you. We will contact you in advance to arrange an appointment.

Please ensure that the car’s tank is topped up and that the car is undamaged, freshly cleaned/washed (inside and out) and roadworthy in a manner appropriate for its age and mileage, and that the car has all keys and associated components and documents.

Minor damage to the paint is considered normal wear and tear, provided it can be repaired with standard reconditioning methods.

The following in particular will be considered damage:

  • Significant damage (dents or bumps) to the bodywork exceeding 2 cm in diameter
  • Accidental damage or hail damage that has not been repaired
  • Cleaning due to smoking
  • Holes in the upholstery

The handover protocol, which reflects the condition at the time, is used as a basis for the evaluation.

Is there a damage catalogue or similar on the part of leasing? We also need it for the GTC.

Insurance, damage, tyres, service

Insurance, damage, tyres, service

In the event of a breakdown, the Totalmobil! breakdown service needs to be notified:

Telephone: +41 848 024 365

Please use our online claim form to report any type of damage within five (5) working days. Fill in the insurance claim form completely and truthfully. If claims reports are received late, or if the customer is responsible for delays in the claims process, AMAG reserves the right to charge an appropriate processing fee. AMAG also reserves the right to claw back from the customer any financial losses caused either directly or indirectly by a delay for which the customer is responsible or a breach of the customer’s obligation to cooperate.

Recognition of third-party claims is not permitted. The customer must follow the instructions of AMAG and/or the insurer with regard to repairing damage.

Vehicle damage (including minor damage, such as minor damage to paintwork that can be polished up or the replacement of small components screwed or stuck on to the vehicle), where not covered by comprehensive insurance or falling within the excess of the fully comprehensive coverage, as well as the full excess in the case of damage caused by collision, will be borne by the customer.

In the event of the workshop work listed below lasting longer than two hours, AMAG will offer you a replacement vehicle for the duration of the workshop work so that you do not lose access to a vehicle due to workshop work: warranty work, service and inspection, as well as if repairs are required through no fault of your own. There is no entitlement to replacement mobility for workshop work lasting less than 2 hours or in case of tyre change. The type of replacement vehicle depends on availability. Your needs will be taken into account as far as possible. There is no entitlement to a specific model as a replacement vehicle.

Nothing is blocked. The excess is only collected in the event of damage and only in the actual amount of the damage. If the amount of the damage exceeds the excess, a maximum of the amount of the said excess will be collected.

Bring the vehicle to be serviced as soon as a service indicator is activated in the vehicle. The vehicle may only be maintained and repaired at AMAG businesses. AMAG bears the costs for inspection and maintenance. All AMAG businesses can be found at

Carrying out service work or other work in a non-AMAG business is prohibited, and the resulting costs shall be borne by you, along with any dismantling and/or inspection work that needs to be conducted afterwards at an AMAG business. Exceptions to this are repair work that is carried out after a breakdown abroad.

You can book a service appointment at an AMAG business near you by making an appointment online ( or by telephone. If you have any questions or are unsure about anything, you can contact AMAG’s Customer Care Center at any time (0800 33 55 33 or

During the time of the rental relationship, the vehicle has:

a)    Third-party motor liability insurance

b)    Comprehensive insurance in the event of a collision

c)    Partial comprehensive coverage

d)    Parking damage PLUS insurance

e)    Gross negligence protection (waiver of the statutory right of recourse and reduction)


The costs of the insurance are included in the rental fee. Intentional damage or damage caused by gross negligence is excluded from the insurance cover.


Third-party liability insurance: with gross negligence protection/excesses 0/+ 2000*

Comprehensive insurance (collision): with gross negligence protection/excesses 1000/3000*

Partial comprehensive coverage: including glass PLUS and parking damage PLUS/excess 0

* Applies to drivers under 25 years of age.

The international insurance card (Green Card) can be ordered through Zurich [International Insurance Card – Zurich Switzerland].


The General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (GTCI) of Zurich Insurance Company Ltd apply in their currently valid, online version [GTCI Zurich]. Customers agree to comply with the provisions of the GTCI as if they themselves were the policyholders.



You will find your active vehicles under “Subscriptions” in the Customer Dashboard. You have the option to cancel your subscription easily online under “Details”. If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail at or by telephone on 0800 33 55 33.

You can terminate your subscription conveniently online at any time that is no later than 30 days before the end of the minimum term from your Customer Dashboard under “Subscriptions”, “Details”. If you wish to continue your subscription, the subscription period is automatically extended by one month after the minimum term until you terminate your subscription (up to a maximum of 24 months). If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail at or by telephone on 0800 33 55 33.

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