Audi Center Zürich Altstetten: Our experts are here for you

Whether repair, new car purchase or the right leasing deal. We’re here for you so you can get the best service and the best advice.



AMAG Altstetten Krähenbühl

Ronald Krähenbühl

Service & Connect Advisor

AMAG Altstetten Bunjaku

Arsim Bunjaku

Service Advisor

AMAG Altstetten Kastrati

Tregim Kastrati

Service Assistant

AMAG Altstetten Nikolic

Stasa Nikolic

Warranty Clerk


AMAG Altstetten Günes

Riza Günes

Brand Manager

AMAG Altstetten Valenta

Vladimir Valenta

Sales Advisor

AMAG Altstetten Grell

Kristina Grell

Sales & Connect Advisor

AMAG Altstetten Bekar

Alper Bekar

Sales Advisor

Body & Paint Shop

AMAG Altstetten Franco

Giuseppe Franco

Service Advisor Body & Paint Shop

Audi Center Zürich Altstetten Garbely

Fabian Garbely

Management Body & Paint Shop

Spare Parts

AMAG Altstetten Gavranovic

Zahid Gavranovic

Head Spare Parts Store

AMAG Altstetten Pavicic

Darko Pavicic

Tyres, Wheels and Parts Specialist

Audi Center Zürich Altstetten Dhondupling

Tenzin Dhondupling

Retail Specialist in Training