Tint your windows

For safety, comfort and appealing aesthetics

Tint your windows

Tint your windows

Tinted windows not only mean added value in terms of your vehicle’s look. Through professional darkening of your car windows, you increase the comfort of the interior and improve security both during the day and at night.

With its many years of experience, AMAG can ensure that you obtain all the possible benefits thanks to a perfect installation. Owing to high-quality products from leading manufacturers, you will be able to enjoy your vehicle’s visible upgrade for years to come.

Sladjan Radojkovic

Operations Manager Autowelt Dübendorf

Your benefit

• Up to 99% of UV radiation is reflected away from the vehicle.
• The heat in the interior is significantly reduced, and the air conditioning system operates more effectively.
• It is an elegant and sporty look.
• The occupants are protected from glare.
• You increase privacy for passengers and valuables.
• Your upholstery is protected from premature fading and cracking.
• You are shielded from flying glass chips in case of accidents.

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