Fogged up windscreen: keep a clear view of the road

Who doesn't know this situation: it's cold, it's been raining or it's foggy outside, you get into the car and within a short time the windows are fogged up from the inside. The reason for this is that the cold air in autumn and winter absorbs less moisture than warm air. Condensation forms on the windows. Misted-up inside windows are not only a nuisance, but also increase the risk of accidents. It is therefore important for safe driving that the windows are cleared of moisture before the journey. We show you which tricks you can use to get rid of the annoying moisture in your car.


Heat it up


• Turn the heating up to the highest setting and point the vents at the windscreen. This will dry the condensation, as warm air can carry more moisture than cold air.

• Turn on the air conditioning system. This dries out the air.

• Make sure the recirculation setting in your car is switched off. This just blows the moist air around the vehicle rather than replacing it.

• Open the windows. This allows dry air to enter the vehicle that can absorb moisture from the air in the car. However, this only works if the air outdoors is drier than the air in the car.


Clean the windscreen properly


• Clean the interior side of the windscreen with a microfibre cloth, car sponge or squeegee.

• Make sure that the cloth is clean and wipe in one direction to avoid streaks.



How to prevent the windscreen from fogging up


Interior cleaning: A clean and dry interior is essential. And not just to prevent the windscreen from fogging up, but also to prevent musty odours. Thorough vacuuming, including under the floor mats, makes the car a much more pleasant place to be. If the floor under the mats is damp, try laying some old newspaper sheets under the mat.

Look after your seals: It’s a good idea to dry wet seals to prevent them from becoming porous and allowing moisture into the vehicle. If you think your seals are porous, contact your AMAG garage so that they can replace the seals.



Avoid bringing moisture into the car: Shoes and clothes often get wet, especially in autumn and winter. That’s why it’s important to take the wet clothing with you as soon as you get out of the car at home. If it snows, try and brush as much snow as possible off your clothes and make sure that you remove as much snow from your shoes as you can.

Ventilation check: If your interior is dry but the windscreen is still fogging up, the problem could be the ventilation. Autumn leaves are probably blocking the interior filter. Make sure to regularly remove leaves and dirt from your vehicle to keep the ventilation clear. By the way: regularly changing the filters also helps to ensure the vents and climate control work effectively.


Does condensation still form on your windscreen all the time? This could be a sign that there is moisture inside your car. To find out where the water is coming from and prevent long-term damage, it’s a good idea to let one of our experts take a look at your vehicle.

Relaxed and safe into the cold season!

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