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AMAG Schaffhausen Kern

Ashtar Kern

Service Head / Connect Advisor

Roger Masson

Roger Masson

Service Advisor VW

AMAG Schaffhausen Winiger

Julia Winiger

Service Head Audi / Connect Advisor

Michael Jauch

Michael Jauch

Service Advisor Audi

Susanna Braun

Susanna Braun

Service Assistant Audi

AMAG Schaffhausen Schaffner

Thomas Schaffner

Service Advisor ŠKODA / Connect Advisor


AMAG Schaffhausen Holzthüm

Joel Holzthüm

Sales Advisor VW / Connect Advisor

AMAG Schaffhausen Garbin

Luca Garbin

Sales Advisor VW

AMAG Schaffhausen Mottola

Moreno Mottola

Head Sales Audi

AMAG Schaffhausen Iten

Gjon Cacaj

Brand Manager ŠKODA / Connect Advisor

AMAG Schaffhausen Alder

Markus Alder

Brand Manager VW Commercial Vehicles / Connect Advisor

AMAG Schaffhausen Bröstl

Denis Bröstl

Sales Advisor Used Cars

Body & Paint Shop

AMAG Schaffhausen Dell'Olivo

Michael Dell'Olivo

Head Body & Paint Shop

Andreas Hammer

Andreas Hammer

Service Advisor Body & Paint Shop

Spare Parts

Gianni Prezioso

Gianni Prezioso

Employee Spare Parts

Shannon Salathe

Shannon Salathe

Employee Spare Parts


AMAG Schaffhausen Böhm

Timo Böhm

General Manager / Brand Manager VW

AMAG Schaffhausen Rott

Ingo Rott

Head Aftersales Schaffhausen