AMAG Horgen: Our experts are here for you

Whether repair, new car purchase or the right leasing deal. We’re here for you so you can get the best service and the best advice.


AMAG Horgen Contino

Laura Contino

Head Administration

DE / EN / IT

AMAG Horgen Delen

Aybike Delen

Administration & Reception

DE / EN / TR

AMAG Horgen Cudré

Nicole Cudré

Administration & Reception

DE / EN / FR


AMAG Horgen Hämmerli

Urs Hämmerli

Team Leader Customer Service


AMAG Horgen Mercogliano

Raffaele Mercogliano

Service Advisor

DE / EN / FR / IT

Christian Fuchs

Christian Fuchs

Service Assistant


AMAG Horgen Aridas

Georgios Aridas

Service Administration


AMAG Horgen Pastore

Giovanni Pastore

Warranty Clerk

DE / EN / FR / IT


Francesco Virgelli

Francesco Virgelli

Sales Head VW

DE / IT / EN

AMAG Horgen Espinoza

Giuliano Espinoza

Sales Advisor VW / Connect Advisor

DE / IT / FR / ES

AMAG Horgen Günes

Riza Günes

Brand Manager Audi

DE / EN / TR

AMAG Horgen Celik

Özkan Celik

Sales Head Audi

DE / EN / TR

AMAG Horgen Gimenez

Ricardo Gimenez

Sales Advisor Audi / Connect Advisor

DE / EN / FR / IT / ES

mauro gallani

Mauro Gallani

Sales Advisor Audi

DE / EN / TI

Spare Parts

AMAG Horgen Zahariev

Daniel Zahariev

Head Spare Parts Store



AMAG Horgen Wernli

Marcel Wernli

General Manager

DE / EN / FR

AMAG Horgen Höfliger

Beda Höfliger

Head Aftersales


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