AMAG app: your garage in an app

When is your next service due? Where is the nearest service station with cashless payment? How sustainable are your driving habits? Soon you can find out all that and plenty more in the AMAG app. Get a direct link to all AMAG services on your smartphone and always retain control of your car. Simple. Practical. Direct.

Overview of basic functions

Garage service

Book an appointment with your AMAG garage – it’s so quick and easy

Cashless refuelling and charging

Make cashless payments at a petrol station or charging station and save money

Smart parking

Easy payment by mobile phone

Overview of all functions with the free adaptor

Garage service

Thanks to the transmission of vehicle data and error messages, we can ideally prepare and approach your workshop visit

Locate your vehicle

Locate your vehicle at any time, whether it’s parked or travelling

Measure your driveScore

Develop sustainable driving habits and reduce maintenance costs

Maintain a log

Save your journeys and easily claim expenses or complete your tax return

Cashless refuelling and charging

Find the nearest service station or charging station where you can pay with a cashless system, and save

Smart parking

Find nearby parking and pay with your phone – you only pay for the actual parking time


Analyse and optimise driving behaviour in detail

Vehicle diagnostics

With the engine and battery check, you always know what’s going on with your car

Simple appointment arrangement

The saved vehicle data is transferred to your selected AMAG garage

The corresponding car adaptor ensures that all the car data is always available in real time on your smartphone and that you can use all the AMAG app functions without restrictions.


Install the AMAG app now

How? Easy!


Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play, download, and register


Have your AMAG garage install the adapter and connect it with the app


All AMAG functions and services are now at your fingertips


Good driving made easy

The AMAG app gives you full control over your car, and all AMAG services are just a click away.
AMAG App fahren Auto


Stay in control of your car at all times no matter where you are.

To give you all you need to know about the AMAG app, we have summarised the key information about the app’s great features here. We'd like to show you the best way to use the AMAG app.

What does the AMAG app offer me?

The AMAG app gives you access to a range of services that provide an overview of your vehicle at all times and give you access to an entire ecosystem.

Without the adapter, you have access to the app’s main functions: charge, fill up, park, arrange an appointment at an AMAG garage easily online, report damage online, etc.

The adapter gives you full access to all functions in the AMAG app. You can freely select and activate these functions according to your needs. You benefit from a range of advantages and have access to functions such as vehicle location, FABI-compliant route recording, driveScore, statistics, vehicle prognostics for even greater safety, etc. You can obtain the adapter from your AMAG branch. 

What can I do with the AMAG app?

Book a service appointment quickly and easily with your AMAG ID login

The stored vehicle data will be transferred to your selected AMAG garage so you don’t need to hunt around for any documents when booking an appointment. If you receive an error message, it will be sent to us and we can troubleshoot your vehicle.  If you scratch the car, you can use the app to notify us of the damage and we will liaise with your insurer to get your claim processed. 

As you can see, a direct link to your garage makes vehicle maintenance much easier for you.  

The app not only always shows you the nearest charging station, it also allows you to charge your car without having to pay in cash. 

AMAG is rolling out its own high-power charging network where you will be able to charge your vehicle at a preferential rate of 0.54 CHF/kWh.

The AMAG electrified charging card can also be used at over 7,000 other charging points in Switzerland and at 150,000 throughout Europe. You can find the daily updated charging rates in the AMAG app. And there’s no need to worry about any subscription fees. You can pick up the AMAG electrified charging card from your AMAG garage or order one directly from the app to enjoy simple, straightforward use of the ‘Charging’ function.

You can apply for the combined AMAG charging and credit card online at

Simple refuelling and digital payment with the AMAG app.

Simply enter your preferred payment method or credit card details – and off you go! Only the product stored in the app (petrol or diesel) is activated at the pump. Consult individual payment transactions and the current fill level easily in the app at any time.

Complete overview of your vehicle

With the engine and battery check, you always know how your car is doing, and you can react in good time if something's not right.

If you receive an error message, it will be sent to us and we can troubleshoot your vehicle.

‍Keep your vehicle in tip-top condition at all times. The AMAG app will remind you promptly when it’s time for the next service. The timing depends on the time setting, the mileage or the condition of the vehicle.

Find your vehicle’s location at any time, whether it’s parked or on the move.

While walking in the woods or an unfamiliar city, at the exit or with another driver – you might find you don’t know or can’t remember where you last parked your vehicle. Worry not – the AMAG app tells you where your vehicle is located at any given moment. Whether you’re parked or on the go, the GPS function built into the adapter allows you to see where your car is at any time. The push settings also allow you to choose whether you want to be notified as soon as your vehicle starts moving. 

More sustainable driving and lower running costs?

Check how your driving style is developing over time, compare yourself with the AMAG app community, and get valuable tips on how to drive better and more efficiently.

driveScore uses the sensor data from the adapter installed in the vehicle to analyse individual trips. This sensor data includes mileage, acceleration and speed.

‍The driving performance for each trip is shown as a score on a scale between 0 and 100. The key metrics for calculating your score are acceleration, braking and cornering behaviour.

Save your trips and conveniently fill out your tax return or update your own accounting.

The AMAG app eliminates the hassle of manually documenting your routes and automatically records the trips made, including duration, distance and start/end point.

You can create categories and assign your trips to these, e.g., road trips or commuting. You can also combine several trips made on the same day into one big tour.

So you can use the documentation outside the app, you can export data that you can then use to claim for expenses, for example. 

Find the nearest parking space in any given location and use your mobile phone to pay only for the actual time parked.

With the partner service EasyPark, you can quickly find the nearest parking space or parking zone in the app using GPS. Select the parking space and start the parking time. When you leave the parking space, you will only be charged the actual parking fees incurred. The AMAG app terminates the parking process, even if you have booked and paid directly via EasyPark.

Analyse and optimise driving behaviour in detail.

Statistics includes useful information about your trips. You can also apply time filters and see the total distance travelled in the selected period, or whether your car is increasingly being used for business rather than pleasure. You can filter by time period, categories and much more. Logbook provides more information on how to use the analysis export.  

Stream, surf and play games, especially when you’re abroad, with no roaming fees

Besides the many features and services offered by the AMAG app, the Wi-Fi adapter can also turn your car into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. Whether at home or abroad, the Wi-Fi adapter allows you to access data at lightning-fast speed. Connect up to 5 devices or the car’s infotainment system to the 4G LTE network so your family and friends can stream, surf and play on the go. The AMAG app plus adapter is available from your AMAG garage for CHF 30 and includes a one-off 1 GB data volume. You can buy extra affordable data packages, including roaming, once you’ve used up all your existing data allowance. 


Do you have any questions?

Visit our support center or make direct contact with an expert in your AMAG garage. We'll be glad to help you.



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Charge & pay on the go

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