Car leasing at AMAG: the right financing for your dream car

Do you always want to drive the latest models, have planning reliability and remain independent in the long run? Then car leasing is the ideal solution for you.


Independent and always up to date – with leasing

Always drive the latest model flexibly and with full cost control. The benefits of AMAG Leasing are obvious.

Patrick M.

Leasing expert at your AMAG

Leasing in three steps

You choose your preferred vehicle
We take care of the formalities
You drive away – nothing else
With LeasingPLUS you profit from this carefree package from one source.
Uncomplicated vehicle return
After the term has expired, just return the car and that’s it.

Your benefits at AMAG Leasing

No unforeseen costs

thanks to the LeasingPLUS extra services

Protection against risks

such as unexpected repairs or the vehicle’s loss of value

Always the latest model

with the latest technology and environmentally friendly transmissions

Flexible expiry dates

You decide how long your contract should last.

Planning reliability

as a result of fixed monthly instalments

Advantages for commercial customers

Equity is not burdened by leasing.

No risk and effort when reselling

since the vehicle is simply returned when leasing ends

Questions and answers on leasing

First select your dream car from AMAG's large selection of current models. The next step is to submit your digital leasing enquiry. For this, we require some personal details and information. After a credit check, you can - a few days later - sign your customised contract digitally or physically. You can also book optional additional services such as vehicle insurance, service packages and whether you would like to collect your vehicle or prefer home delivery.

The good thing about leasing is that all options are open to you right now. You neither have to choose the same model nor the same contract. You simply select your preferred vehicle, and we at AMAG Leasing advise you on the optimal terms.

Leasing is a transfer of use. As the lessee, you have the right to use the leased vehicle during a fixed contract period. With indirect leasing, as offered by AMAG Leasing, there is a triangular relationship between the contracting parties. The vehicle supplier is also involved in the contract in addition to you and the lessor. The supplier is obliged to take back the vehicle at the end of the contract period at the fixed residual value. Thus you have no exchange risk and can easily select and lease your new preferred vehicle after the leasing contract has expired.

LeasingPLUS offers you many benefits. Here is an overview:

– Fixed monthly carefree instalment

– Clear and predictable costs

– Attractive extra services at a modest additional price

– No unforeseen costs

– Security thanks to uncomplicated all-round service from a single source

– Professional servicing by brand partners

– No increase in insurance premium in the event of damage


Optional: warranty services for the entire leasing period

Find out all the LeasingPLUS details here.



Calculate your personal leasing budget

Calculate your personal leasing budget

Select your preferred model now and determine your financial framework.


Leasing can be this varied

AMAG Leasing offers tailor-made options for private individuals and companies. Profit from attractive deals for new and used cars.

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