Subscribe, lease or buy: our financing solutions for your dream car

There are many ways to get the car you want. Whether you like to be flexible to suit your current lifestyle, always want to drive the latest model or are looking to own your own vehicle, we have the right financing solution for every situation. Buy, lease or subscribe – the choice is yours.


Mobility, flexibility, independence – choose your fit

Are you looking for a solution that perfectly fits your current lifestyle? Independent student one day, father of three the next and three months off in the Alps in between? Or do you prefer variety and always want to drive the latest model from your favourite brand? Maybe you’re looking for something of your own, with the freedom to sell it on at any time? Whatever your situation, we have the perfect solution. Find out more about what’s available to you.

AMAG car subscription


AMAG car subscription

Give yourself the freedom to be mobile.

Independence on the road – AMAG car subscription

Comprehensive and carefree

All-inclusive package: the AMAG car subscription includes all fixed costs such as insurance, service and seasonal tyre changes. All you need to do is top up the tank.

Flexible and easy to budget for

Whether you need a small car, SUV or electric car, you decide which car you want, for how long, and set the term and mileage.

Fast and easy

Choose a vehicle, book it and drive away: all our vehicles are available immediately, so you can be behind the wheel of your dream car within 14 days.

Experience true independence with the AMAG car subscription. Subscribe to your dream car for 3, 6, 12 or 24 months. All you need to do is fill up the tank – we’ll take care of the rest. Fixed monthly costs make it easier for you to budget.



AMAG Leasing

Always drive the latest model

Stay flexible with AMAG leasing

Up-to-date and flexible

Always drive the latest model from your favourite brand with state-of-the-art technology and eco drive, and decide how long you want your contract to last.

Predictable and reliable

Enjoy planning security and financial freedom with fixed monthly instalments. Thanks to a high level of transparency, you always know what costs are coming up.

No risk and no effort

You’re protected against risks such as unexpected repairs or loss of value of the vehicle, and you don’t need to worry about reselling the vehicle as you just return it at the end of the lease.

AMAG leasing makes your dreams a reality: take your current favourite model for a spin, with the freedom to switch it up as the mood takes you. Less stress, less money tied up immediately, and easily calculable costs thanks to our transparent fixed monthly rate.



AMAG vehicle purchase

Get behind the wheel of your own car

You can have it all – vehicle purchasing at AMAG

Uniquely yours

Get the car you want all for yourself with the freedom to choose when to sell it on. There’s no contract or mileage allowance, and no fees other than the initial purchase price.

Freedom and security

With AMAG, you can choose from a huge range of insurance packages, services and benefits. So you can enjoy your independence, safe in the knowledge that we have more than 80 locations throughout Switzerland for you to visit whenever you need to.

Personalised and flexible

Such a huge and flexible range is a rare thing. Whether it’s a new car or an approved used vehicle, we have exactly what you’re looking for and can even add the fittings to make it into your dream car.

Make the dream of owning your own car a reality. And you won’t need to worry about a contract term or defined mileage limit. Lend it, sell it, use it however you like – after all, it’s yours. 

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