ID. Buzz: a redefined sense of space for a new era

Whether you’re in the city or travelling through the countryside, with the whole family or on a weekend trip with friends: with the ID. Buzz, enjoy the comfort of sustainable mobility every day. The interior design was redeveloped from the ground up, and now digital innovation meets futuristic flexibility. Let the new ID. Buzz surprise you.

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What awaits you in the new ID. Buzz

ID. Light

Removable, multifunctional ID. Buzz Box

Ambient internal lighting with up to 30 colours

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and many more great highlights

The interior is free of animal leather

Recycled materials have been used for features such as seat covers, floor coverings and decorative roofliners

Over-the-air updates via We Connect

AMAG das Heck des VW ID. Buzz, daneben ein Vater mit Sohn

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The highlights of the new ID. Buzz at a glance


The iconic new design combines modern proportions with innovative technology. Discover your new climate-conscious mobility – with the new ID. Buzz model.

AMAG the VW ID. Buzz in white yellow, front with woman and girl next to it
AMAG, VW ID. Buzz is connected with charging cable to wallbox at the house wall


The new ID. Buzz sets standards. With over 30 optional driver assistance systems available, as well as the option to connect with other networked vehicles, it’s ready for the mobility of the future. It achieves a new level of connectivity with networking, internet connection, mobile online services and integrated voice command.

AMAG VW ID. Buzz modern cockpit in yellow gray
AMAG VW ID. Buzz modern cockpit in yellow gray

Technology & connectivity

ID. Light communicates with you visually and combines with the standard navigation system to make getting through traffic a more relaxed experience. Should you choose to use voice command, you will receive a light signal in response to your voice. As soon as you leave your ID. Buzz, the ID. Light will say its goodbyes – with an intelligent light signal.

Updates increase the functionality of the digital systems in your ID. Buzz. Over-the-air updates3 via We Connect4 mean it can, for example, update fully automatically overnight once you confirm the update on your infotainment system. So you and your ID. Buzz will always be up to speed.

The ‘Travel Assist with swarm data’ can keep your car in the correct lane, at a certain distance from the vehicle in front and at your preset maximum speed.7

To do this, it uses features such as adaptive lane keeping. This actively keeps the vehicle in the middle of the lane. ‘Travel Assist with swarm data’ adapts to your driving style and can drive further to the left or right within a lane rather than precisely in the middle.7

‘Travel Assist with swarm data’ can also actively help you when changing lanes on the motorway.7

If swarm data is available, ‘Travel Assist with swarm data’ simply utilises a recognised lane boundary to stay in lane, for example on country roads without central lane dividers.7

In addition, ‘Travel Assist with swarm data’ features predictive cruise control and cornering assistance. This adjusts vehicle speed to the applicable speed limits and the course of the road (bends, roundabouts, etc.).7

AMAG VW ID. Buzz Cargo side view with open cargo area

Would you prefer a transporter?

The ID. Buzz Cargo is an ideal commercial transporter. Its outstanding features will speak for themselves.

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Disclaimer von Volkswagen

VW ID. Buzz, 204 hp, prov. 20.5-21.7 kWh/100 km, 0 g CO2/km, cat. A

1. Vehicle is not yet available for purchase.

3. Prerequisite for using the over-the-air updates is that the vehicle is online and there is a connection to the internet. A valid We Connect contract is also required.

4. To use the We Connect services, you need a Volkswagen ID user account and must log in to We Connect with your user ID and password. In addition, a separate We Connect or We Connect Plus contract must have been concluded online with Volkswagen AG. For We Connect Plus, you have 90 days from the handover of the vehicle to register it on the "Volkswagen We Connect" app (available in the App Store or Google Play Store) or at and to use the services free of charge for the agreed period. Use of the We Connect mobile online services is made possible by an integrated internet connection. The costs of data transmission in Europe are borne by Volkswagen AG within the scope of network coverage, with the exception of the "Streaming & Internet" services and certain in-car applications. To use the Streaming & Internet services, some in-car applications and the Wi-Fi hotspot, data packages can be purchased for a fee from the mobile phone partner "Cubic Telecom" and can be used in the network coverage area in many European countries. You can find all conditions as well as information about prices and the list of supported countries at It is also possible to use the web radio and media streaming services on a mobile device (e.g. a smartphone) with mobile Wi-Fi hotspot function. In this case, the services in question are only available with an existing or separately concluded mobile phone contract between you and your mobile phone provider and only within the coverage of the mobile network provided. Depending on the applicable mobile phone tariff, additional costs (e.g. roaming charges) may be incurred when exchanging data on the Internet, particularly when using the service abroad.

7. The driving assistance function can only be used within the limits of the system. The driver must be prepared to override the assistance system at any time and is not relieved of their responsibility to drive the vehicle prudently. The system can be deactivated at any time. The system can be used up to the vehicle's maximum speed. Only in conjunction with a navigation system. Only in conjunction with an active We Connect licence. The online parts of the "Travel Assist with Swarm Data" can only be used within the scope of mobile phone network coverage and with the appropriate privacy settings. The online part can be deactivated at any time in the We Connect ID. App at any time. The online part of the "Travel Assist" is available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom. To activate the online functions, you need a Volkswagen ID user account and must log in to We Connect with a user name and password. Furthermore, a separate We Connect contract must be concluded online with Volkswagen AG. After vehicle delivery, you have 90 days to activate the online function of the "Travel Assist with Swarm Data". After expiry of this period, the initial period of use of the online part of the "Travel Assist with Swarm Data" of 3 years begins (free of charge). The use of the online part of the "Travel Assist with Swarm Data" is made possible via an integrated Internet connection. The associated data costs incurred within Europe are borne by Volkswagen AG within the scope of the network coverage. Data exchange via the Internet may result in additional costs (e.g. roaming charges), depending on your respective mobile phone tariff and especially when operating abroad. In order to provide the service, it is necessary to transmit certain personal data such as the location and IP address of the vehicle. You can find more information on data processing in the data protection declaration "Travel Assist with Swarm Data". The availability of the individual services described in the packages may vary depending on the country. The services are available for the agreed contract period and may be subject to changes in content or discontinued during the contract period. Further information is available at and from your Volkswagen partner. For information on mobile phone tariff conditions, please contact your mobile phone provider.