Vignette action

Repair or replace your windscreen and receive a free vignette.
Vignette action

Does your windscreen have a chip in it? Then now is the time to repair or replace it. Your safety is important to us.

As temperatures get colder, tension on the glass increases, which can cause cracking. Plus, between 01.12.2023 and 31.1.2024, you will receive a free 2024 vignette.


If you want a new e-vignette, you must order it directly at and you will receive a voucher worth CHF 40 from us, which you can deduct from your next invoice.


Fast help in the event of glass damage and stone impacts

The windscreen doesn’t always need to be replaced completely. Depending on the position and size of the stone impact or the crack, the damage can also be repaired.

Ueli Scherrer

Service expert at your AMAG

When is it possible to repair car glass instead of replacing it?

Minor damage
The spot is smaller than a two-franc piece.
Vision is not obstructed
The spot is outside the driver’s field of vision.
Sufficient distance from the edge of the windscreen
The stone impact is at least 10 cm from the edge of the windscreen.

Clever Repair – benefits at a glance


Repairing damage without replacing the windscreen

Guaranteed safety

All functions remain unaffected

Environmentally friendly

since resources are saved

Would you like to have your windshield repaired?

We repair stone chips safely and cost-effectively. Contact your AMAG garage directly. We will be happy to help you!

Your 'Glass Specialist

The windscreen plays a major role in passenger safety. Drivers receive 90 per cent of safety-related information through their eyes. An impaired visual field poses a significantly higher safety risk.

We guarantee a professional repair according to manufacturer specifications. Integrated rain, distance and infrared sensors, head-up displays and sleep warning systems: the technical requirements for windscreens have significantly increased. We specialise in these complex systems and have the required workshop equipment to calibrate the assistance systems. In addition, we only use original parts.


Our service – what you can expect from us

Greater safety

Comprehensive quality check

Best workshop equipment

Expert advice

Top offers

Wide product range

High-quality spare parts

Attractive add-ons

Best service

Highly trained service staff

Collection and delivery service

Service network throughout Switzerland

In case of damage

Do you have any other questions?

Make direct contact with an expert at your AMAG garage. We’ll be glad to help you.

*Terms and conditions of the promotion: The promotion applies to private and corporate customers who have their windscreen repaired or replaced at a participating AMAG company in the period from 01.12.2023 to 31.01.2024 (cut-off date for carrying out workshop work). As a rule, insurance companies do not cover the costs for vignettes during these months. No cash payment of the vignette possible.

Safely into summer

Have you changed your tyres yet?

Book your tyre change appointment online now. You can conveniently store your winter tyres in our wheel hotel.

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